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In this lesson, we’ll study the subject personal pronouns and how to use them.


Candice: Pronouns are used to replace nouns within sentences, making them less repetitive and mechanic. In simple words, a pronoun usually refers to something already mentioned in a sentence or piece of text. For example:

Peter: “Mary didn’t go to school because Mary was sick.”

Candice: You must’ve noticed that saying Mary two times didn’t sound good. Using a pronoun, instead of repeating the name ‘Mary,’ will prevent that from happening.

Peter: Okay, Candice. Let me try. ‘Mary didn’t go to school because she was sick.’

Candice: This is the correct sentence with better structural flow. Very good. Now let’s talk about the subject personal pronouns and how to use them.

Subject pronouns indicate that the pronoun is acting as the subject of a sentence. The subject personal pronouns are: "I,” "you," "she," "he," "it," "we," "you," "they." Can you give me some examples, Peter?

Peter: I am going to the bank while he is going to the market.

Peter: They are born to lead.

Peter: We want to travel this weekend.

Peter: She goes to the gym every morning.

Candice: Excellent! Now, let’s understand the usage of these pronouns through conversations.

Conversation 1

Grace: I’m going to the mall. Do you wanna come along?

Polly: Are you going alone?

Grace: I don’t want to. That is why I’m inviting you.

Polly: Sure. I need to buy some things.

Grace: Great! I’ll pick you up at 6. Will that be okay?

Polly: Perfect.

Conversation 2

Terrance: I need a huge favor from you.

Jersey: What kind of favor?

Terrance: My children are at school and I have to pick them up. They leave school at 5. Problem is my car broke down. We need your help!

Jersey: Okay, got it. Of course I can pick them up for you.

Terrance: Oh, thank you. You’re a lifesaver, Jersey.

Jersey: Oh, please. I’m sure you’d do the same for me.

Conversation 3

Polly: Did you hear anything about the new girl?

Grace: No. What about her?

Polly: She is weird. She doesn’t talk much.

Grace: It doesn’t make her a bad person, Polly.

Polly: I know but it is a strange behavior if you are a journalist.

Grace: She looks smart. She is probably just taking her time. It is a new place for her, after all.

Polly: You may be right.

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