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In this lesson we will learn how to create sentences using the simple future tense.


Charlet: We use the simple future tense to talk about things that will happen at a time later than now. Basically, in order to talk about events that we expect will take place in the future. We use ‘will’ to make this tense.

Yuvi: Will you help him later?

Charlet: The future simple tense is used to express a general intention. For example

Yuvi: He will change jobs.

Charlet: We also use simple future tense for predictions. For example:

Yuvi: The horse will not win.

Charlet: It is also used to say something that we believe will happen:

Yuvi: They'll probably study at that university.

Charlet: The future simple is used for a decision or offer made at the moment of speaking. For example:

Yuvi: I’ll take you home.

No, thank you. I’ll take a taxi.

Charlet: Simple future tense is also used in a conversation to state a fact. For example:

Yuvi: Oil will float on water.

Charlet: It can also be used to ask questions or make a suggestion or promise. For example:

Yuvi: Will you phone your mother-in-law to apologize, please?

OK, I will.

Charlet: Now, let’s see some sample conversations.

Conversation #1

Hash: What will you do tonight?

Benny: Nothing much. I’ll be at home and probably watch TV.

Hash: Let’s go out for dinner then.

Benny: That’s a good idea.

Hash: I’ll pick you up at 8.

Benny: I’ll be ready.

Conversation #2

Jetson: Can I come in Mr. Garrison?

Garry: You are late again, Jetson!

Jetson: I’m sorry. I got stuck in traffic.

Garry: When will you stop making excuses and start arriving on time for class?

Jetson: I’ll definitely try to be on time from now on.

Garry: Let’s hope so. Please take your seat.

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