'Beside' vs 'Besides' - Learn Proper Usage In English

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In this lesson we will learn how to use ‘beside’ and ‘besides’ in a conversation without getting confused.


Mark: The word ‘besides’ is used to add extra or additional information about the same topic. ‘Beside’ refers to something which is close, or nearby.

June: Yes Mark, you are right. ‘Besides’ is used when we want to show that there is something more to say about something. We use the word ‘beside’ to show that something or someone is next to something or someone else.

Mark: That is correct, June. Would you give me an example using ‘besides’?

June: Yes, sure, here is one: Besides the pain, the child also has high fever.

Mark: Thank you June. That is right. Here is one for ‘beside’: The child sat beside his mother as she told him a story.

June: That is good, Mark. Please give me the pen which is beside the book. Let me write some other words besides what we have learned.

Mark: Great work June! You showed the proper use of beside and besides in one go. So it’s clear that ‘beside’ describes something that’s next to you.

June: And you use ‘besides’ when you want to talk about something that’s in addition to what you are mentioning.

Now let’s see some sample conversations.

Conversation #1

Sam: The driver said we have little fuel; besides, there’s no gas station nearby.

Mike: There’s a gas station there; don’t you see the sign beside that billboard?

Sam: Sorry, I forgot to bring my glasses, besides, it is raining.

Mike: I understand Sam. Besides, I am the one sitting by the window.

Sam: I think we should stop here for a while. Besides, we have traveled a long distance, so far.

Mike: That’s right. Let me talk to the driver.

Conversation #2

Mike: Let’s go to the garden. It would be good to sit beside those flowers.

Sam: Yes, that would be great, besides, there is a fruit shop over there.

Mike: That’s right, but we don’t have much time.

Sam: Don’t worry Mike. I have told the driver to wait for a little while.

Conversation #3

Mike: Hey Sam, look at that snake beside the rock!

Sam: Really? But how did it get there? Besides, there is no forest nearby.

Mike: That is right. It looks dangerous, besides there are children playing around.

Sam: Let me go and call the guard, I saw him sitting beside the water fountain.

Mike: Yes, do it quick!

Sam: Right Mike, just sit beside this log and watch it ‘till I return.

Mike: Ok, Sam, I’ll make sure the children don’t go near it.

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