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In this lesson, we will see how to use the phrase ‘by far’ in a conversation.


Tom: ‘By far’ is a phrase that’s used to tell somebody that what you are talking about is much better or much worse in comparison to some other things.

Mindy: That’s right. It’s used to show the superiority or inferiority of someone or something.

Tom: Why don’t you give me an example of ‘by far’ Mindy?

Mindy: Sure, Tom. Batman – The Dark Knight is by far the best Batman movie ever.

Tom: Great example. Here’s one from me: Jupiter is by far the largest planet in the solar system.

Mindy: That’s right Tom. I think the meaning of ‘by far’ is clear now. Let’s listen to a sample conversation.

Conversation #1

Becky: Hey Paul, did you like the movie I recommended to you last night?

Paul: Yes, the movie was awesome! It was by far the best movie I’ve seen this entire year.

Becky: Year? I think it’s the best movie ever, by far!

Paul: Well it’s good. But it’s not that good. In my opinion the best movie ever is The Godfather, by far.

Becky: Hmm…The Godfather is good. Its director, Coppola, was by far the best director of his generation.

Conversation #2

Paul: Hello Becky, would you like to go fishing today?

Becky: Sure! That’s by far a better idea than just watching TV.

Paul: You are right. It’s my favorite pastime.

Becky: Exactly, it’s by far my favorite, too.

Paul: How about swimming? Do you like it?

Becky: Yes, I do.

Conversation #3

Becky: Recently, I’ve started to watch video lectures on YouTube.

Paul: Good idea! That’s by far a better use of the web rather than just surfing.

Becky: Now I can learn almost anything, just sitting in my room.

Paul: Do you watch the motivational videos too?

Becky: Yes I do! They’re by far the best thing I’ve watched there.

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