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In this lesson, we will see how to use the phrase ‘so far’ in a conversation.


Mindy: ‘So far’ is a phrase used to tell somebody about the condition of something until the moment we speak.

Tom: Yes, it means ‘until now’.

Mindy: You are correct Tom, let me give you an example how we can use so far.

Tom: That would be brilliant!

Mindy: The government has millions, but, so far, we haven’t discovered a vaccine for Malaria.

Tom: That is right Mindy. This phrase can also refer to distance. For example, if we only have three hours to visit Paris, we won’t be able to go so far.

Mindy: Here is another example. If you want to go to Europe, take a plane, because you can only go so far by car.

Tom: You are correct, in this sentence ‘so far’ is used to show a limit to something.

Mindy: I think the meaning is clear so far, right?

Tom: Yes, now I understand. Let’s have some more conversations.

Conversation #1

Paul: Hello Becky, how is your project going?

Becky: It’s going well, so far


Paul: That’s good. How far have you got?

Becky: Well, so far, I’ve only got to the second stage.

Paul: That’s not too bad. I think you will finish it by the deadline.

Becky: If I can keep working as I have so far, I certainly will.

Conversation #2

Paul: Becky! Your deadline for the article is tomorrow. Have you written anything so far?

Becky: Yes, it’s finished and I gave it to the editor 2 days ago, but it hasn’t been published so far.

Paul: Alright, how many articles have you written so far?

Becky: So far, I have written seventy articles.

Paul: How did you get the topics?

Becky: So far, my editor has been assigning me the topics, but I might write using my own ideas soon.

Paul: I look forward to seeing those articles, Becky.

Conversation #3

Becky: You did great, Paul! That’s one of the best presentations I’ve seen so far.

Paul: Thank you Becky. Although I’m not the only one who should take credit for that.

Becky: I know Mindy helped you, but so far I haven’t met her.

Paul: She’ll be here soon.

Becky: That’s good. Don’t forget to introduce me to her.

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