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In this lesson, we will see what to tell people when you get sick.

Calling in Sick

Jamey: Hello. Austen Associates.

Charlie: Hey Jamey. It’s Charlie here.

Jamey: Hi Charlie. Why didn’t you come to work today?

Charlie: I’m sorry. I’m quite sick. I couldn’t make it.

Jamey: Oh! So you are calling in sick!

Charlie: Yes. Can you please tell Mr. Austen that I called?

Jamey: Sure. You take care, Charlie. I’ll see you when you get better.

Charlie: Thanks, Jamie.

When You Have a Headache

Charlie: Mom! I need some help.

Michelle: What happened? Is everything alright?

Charlie: There’s no aspirin in the medicine cabinet.

Michelle: Oh! It’s in my room. Why do you want it? What are you feeling?

Charlie: I have a bad headache. I guess I got a cold.

Michelle: You should see a doctor tomorrow, Charlie.

Charlie: I know. I just got an appointment. My head is killing me.

Michelle: For now just take the aspirin and go have some rest then.

Telling Someone You Got the Flu

Michael: Hey Charlie. I didn’t see you at work today. Is everything okay?

Charlie: I’m quite sick, Michael. That’s why I couldn’t work.

Michael: Oh! Now that you mentioned it, you do look a bit pale. I hope it’s not serious.

Charlie: I got the flu.

Michael: You should go to a doctor.

Charlie: I just did. He prescribed me some pills and a lot of rest.

Michael: Okay! Get well soon.

When You Have a Sore Throat

Peter: Hello Ms. Ford.

Ms. Ford: Hi Peter. Are you ready for your presentation?

Peter: I’m afraid I’m not.

Ms. Ford: Why’s that?

Peter: I have a sore throat. I won’t be able to speak for that long.

Ms. Ford: Is this an excuse?

Peter: No, Ms. Ford. I have all my slides here with me. But it really hurts when I speak. Can you reschedule it for tomorrow, please?

Ms. Ford: Okay Peter. Just make sure you go to a doctor.

Peter: Thanks, I will.

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