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In this lesson we will learn how to use ‘farther’ and ‘further’ in a conversation without getting confused.


Jim: The word ‘farther’ is one comparative of ‘far’. It speaks about a physical distance or length. It describes something that is more distant than something else.

Bob: On the other hand, ‘further’, also a comparative of far, refers to a greater distance or degree, or to a more advanced level.

Jim: That is right, Bob. The word ‘further’ means to extend something in time or length. For example: The doctor wanted to carry on his research further.

Bob: You are correct, Jim. And, for example, ‘farther’ is used as in: The Sun is farther from Earth than the moon, even if it appears to be nearer.

Jim: Yes, right. Let me give an example with ‘further’: He wants to study further, until he finishes his masters.

Bob: Right, Jim. Why don’t you give us another example with farther?

Jim: Sure, Bob, here’s one: Lizzy’s home is farther from her school than Sam’s.

Bob: Yes, that is correct. Let me give an example with ‘further’: Lizzy did not want to read further since she was tired.

Jim: That’s great. Should we carry on our discussion any further?

Bob: That’s all right. The difference between ‘farther’ and ‘further’ is clear to me now. Let’s see some conversations.

Conversation #1

Sam: Hey, Mike, should we walk further?

Mike: Yes, Sam. I think we should walk further up to that river.

Sam: Mike, it’s hot today and we have come a long way.

Mike: Yes, Sam. I’m tired, too. We have come farther than yesterday.

Sam: This road is long.

Mike: Yes, but there’s a nice place to rest further ahead.

Conversation # 2

Sam: Mike, have you thought any further about our trip?

Mike: Yes, Sam. I want to go farther than we did last year.

Sam: That would be great but wouldn’t the trip be too long?

Mike: Yes, I think so. Chicago is farther from here than St. Louis.

Sam: I think it’ll be fine. Our vacation has been extended.

Mike: That’s great news. I’m sure we’ll enjoy our trip.

Conversation #3

Sam: Hey, Mike. The town is farther than I thought, I cannot drive any further.

Mike: Sorry, Sam. You seem to be tired, but you drove farther last time.

Sam: That is true but I am not well today.

Mike: Ok. I’ll take it from here. You get some rest.

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