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In this lesson, we will learn how to use the words ‘much’ and ‘many.’


Mark: ‘Many’ and ‘much’ are used to indicate quantity. They are used when we speak about the quantity of something.

Mary: But there are differences when it comes to using these two words. ‘Many’ is used when we speak of the quantity of something which we can counted by numbers. For example: ‘How many apples are there?’ Here we can count the number of apples.

Mark: Yes, that’s correct. Now, ‘much’ is used when we speak of the quantity of something which we can be measured but we cannot count. For example: ‘How much did you get to sleep last night?’ Here we use ‘much’ because we are referring to the quantity of sleep which cannot be counted.

Mary: It means we use ‘many’ for countable things and ‘much’ for uncountable things.

Mark: Yes, that’s it. Now I have a tricky question for you, Mary. What about the word ‘money?’ Would you use ‘many’ or ‘much’ to refer to it?

Mary: That one is easy, Mark. I can count my money so I use ‘many.’

Mark: Sorry, Mary. That’s not correct. ‘Money’ is an uncountable noun. What we count are bills and coins.

Mary: Oh, so it’s just like ‘time’. We count the seconds, minutes and hours.

Mark: Great example, Mary. Let’s listen to some conversations now.

Conversation #1

Tim: Hey Tim. There aren’t many days left for our exams, right?

Marley: Yes, we don’t have much time. Less than a month.

Tim: Gosh and there is still much left to be studied.

Marley: That’s why we shouldn’t follow too many books.

Tim: You’re right. Many of them are just useless.

Marley: It’s better to follow less books and learn more.

Conversation #2

Marley: Hello Tim, how was your exam today?

Tim: It was much better than yesterday.

Marley: That’s good. There were many questions.

Tim: Yeah, the paper was much longer this year.

Marley: You’re right, Tim. Many students will find it difficult.

Conversation #3

Mark: How much sugar have you put in my coffee?

Mary: I haven’t put many teaspoons. Maybe 2 or 3 only.

Mark: It’s much sweeter than last time.

Mary: You are one of the many people who love sweet coffee.

Mark: I like sweet coffee alrite but not when there’s too much sugar in it.

Mary: I’m sorry. I’ll just get you another one.

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