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In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use when going to a beauty salon.

Getting a Non Surgical Facelift

June: My facial skin is becoming loose. Can you suggest me some treatment for it?

Jamie: Sure! Although it is a natural skin ageing process, we do have some facial treatments that will tighten your skin.

June: Are these treatments safe?

Jamie: Don’t worry. We only use certified and tested products.

June: Are these performed by professionals?

Jamie: Yes. All our beauty treatments are performed only by trained and certified professionals.

June: Well, how much do they cost?

Jamie: Before we discuss your investment, please follow me. Let me show you before and after photos of some clients.

June: Oh, yes. That’s a good idea.

What is a Pedicure?

June: Hello. I heard you offer pedicure in here as well. What is it?

Jamie: It is a cosmetic treatment for feet done by professionals.

June: What exactly do they do?

Jamie: Our pedicures will remove the cuticles and dirt from your feet and also massage them.

June: Oh really? Will the pedicure help me get a glowing smooth feet?

Jamie: Absolutely!

June: What kind of creams or gels are used in this procedure?

Jamie: We only use the top brands.

June: How much would it cost?

Jamie: Our basic pedicure costs US$ 40.

June: Alright. Can I schedule it for tomorrow morning?

Jamie: Sure. Can you come at 10:30?

June: Yes, that’s perfect, thank you.

Getting Your Hair Colored

June: Hey, Jamie. I want to get my hair colored today.

Jamie: Cool! Have you decided which color?

June: Can you suggest me some options that would suit my complexion as well?

Jamie: Well, dark shades of brown would suit you. Maybe mocha brown for example.

June: What about having some striking color options?

Jamie: In that case, you can also go for some bright red stripes.

June: Are you sure red stripes would suit me?

Jamie: Yes. I’m sure. You’ll look great!

June: Alright. Let’s get it done then.

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