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In this lesson, we will learn how to use the phrasal verb ‘ask out.’

Ask Somebody Out

Teddy: ‘Ask out’ is a phrase often used to ask someone out on a date.

Rex: That’s right Teddy. It is used to invite someone to go out with you.

Teddy: It is also used when inviting someone for a visit.

Rex: Is that so? Can you give us an example?

Teddy: Sure. Here it goes: “My father is sick and tired of the city. I’ll ask him out to my place.”

Rex: Okay, I got it. Good example. Now it’s your turn.

Teddy: I'm going to ask Suzie out tonight. Wish me luck!

Rex: Suzie?! Wow, great. You’ll make a beautiful couple.

Teddy: I hope so but here’s another example: “I’ve asked her out five times already but she keeps turning me down!”

Rex: Don’t lose hope, man!

Teddy: I won’t but for now let’s see some sample conversations.

Conversation #1

Emily: Who was that guy you were talking to at the bar?

Sarah: No one. Just a stranger.

Emily: It looked like he was hitting on you.

Sarah: Yeah, we struck up a conversation, and eventually he asked me out.

Emily: Oh really! What did you say?

Sarah: I gave him my number, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually go out with him.

Conversation #2

James: What are your plans for the weekend?

Genie: Well, nothing much. I’ll probably stay home.

James: Hmm... Well, I was wondering if we could go out for dinner on Saturday.

Genie: Are you asking me out?

James: Yes. I’m asking you out on a dinner date. So, what do you say?

Genie: Sure. Why not?

Conversation #3

Sarah: What are you up to gal? Why have you taken out all the dresses?

Genie: James asked me out on a date and I don't know what to wear.

Sarah: So he finally asked you out. Cool!

Genie: Yeah! I’m freaking out here. I can’t find a single nice dress to wear.

Sarah: Why don’t you wear the mauve colored dress that you bought a month back?

Genie: Oh, gosh, you are so right. I’d totally forgotten about that dress.

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