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In this lesson, we will tell you about how to ask for more time from someone.

Completing a Project at Workplace

Frank: So Tracy, have you prepared the project report for NC Enterprise?

Tracy: I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. I’d really like an extension on the deadline.

Frank: But you’ve already had a week. Why do you want an extension?

Tracy: Well, I’ve been having some problems with my computer.

Frank: I’m not looking for any excuses here. I need the report by the deadline.

Tracy: I know, and I sincerely apologize for the delay.

Frank: I want the report on time Tracy. I’m not going to put it off any longer. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but do it.

Tracy: I’ll certainly do my best, Frank.

Asking for More Time From Your Teacher

Suzie: Where is your Science project, Nash?

Nash: I haven't brought it today, Ms. Suzie.

Suzie: Why not? Didn't you know today was the last day to hand it in?

Nash: My report is still incomplete. I’ll need some more time for submission.

Suzie: May I know the reason for the delay?

Nash: I wasn’t well for the past three weeks, Ms. Suzie. I’ve brought a medical certificate.

Suzie: Oh! How much time do you need to complete your report?

Nash: Maybe a week or so.

Suzie: Ok. I’ll give you one more week. But you will have to submit the medical certificate to the administration department.

Nash: Thank you. I’ll submit it right now.

Asking for More Time for an Important Decision

Suzie: Hey Frank. How have you been?

Frank: I’m good Suzie. How come you are here today?

Suzie: I wanted to have an important discussion with you.

Frank: Is it really important? I have a meeting in half an hour.

Suzie: It won’t take much time. I just wanted to ask you about your decision on relocating to San Francisco.

Frank: Suzie, I haven’t made a decision about that yet. I need some more time.

Suzie: The deadline to submit the paperwork is two weeks from now. How much more time would you need?

Frank: I know it’s important for you. But, you should understand that it will also be a huge step for me and my career.

Suzie: I do understand. Take your time. I’ll wait for your final decision.

Frank: Thanks Suzie. I’ll let you know by the end of this week.

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