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In this lesson, we’ll study how to use the phrases ‘belong to’ and ‘belong with.’


Sunny: Hello, guys. Today we’re going to discuss ‘belong to’ and ‘belong with’. Do you know the difference, Lewie?

Lewie: I know that ‘belong to’ indicates possession. It shows someone owns something. It can also mean that you’re a part of a group, or club, or something.

Sunny: Absolutely right. Here is the first example: Samuel belongs to a secret society. I don’t know who else is in it.

Lewie: That one was quite self-explanatory, Sunny. Here is another one: This book doesn’t belong to me. Does it belong to you?

Sunny: Well, actually, it does. I’ll take it. But, now, can you explain ‘belong with’?

Lewie: Why don’t you do it, Sunny? You have a way with words.

Sunny: Sure, Lewie. We use belong with when we think something or someone is a part of a group, there is a match. For example, it would be very romantic to think that two people belong with each other.

Lewie: Kind of like destiny? That is romantic, Sunny. I said you had a way with words.

Sunny: Well, on the other hand, it would be weird if someone said “You belong to me”. A little creepy.

Lewie: Not romantic at all...Why don’t we listen to some conversations with more examples?

Sunny: Good idea!

Conversation #1

Nick: Where did you get this book? I searched all the bookstores in town, but none of them had it in stock.

Prish: Well, it belongs to my Art teacher. He said it’s rare.

Nick: Yeah. He’s right. You know Sam? The bookstore belongs to him, and he said there were very few copies published. Anyone who’s got a copy is lucky.

Prish: Then, I suppose my Art teacher was one of the lucky ones to get it.

Nick: Can I borrow this after you are done?

Prish: I’ll have to ask my teacher if he is willing to lend it to you.

Nick: Sure. Just ask him and let me know what he said.

Conversation #2

Nick: Hey, Prish. This book doesn’t belong with an Art teacher. I study literature. I know this book belongs with someone like you or me.

Prish: Well, but it’s not ours, Nick. Maybe he’ll sell it to us. But this book really belongs with others of its kind: in a good library.

Conversation #3

Nick: Oh, man!! Why did you put this painting here?! You know the Picasso doesn’t belong with the Rembrandt.

Prish: Quit complaining! They go beautifully together.

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