Inviting to a Wedding Anniversary Party - English Conversation Lesson

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In this lesson, we will learn how to invite friends and relatives to a wedding anniversary.

Inviting a Friend

Merry: Hi Susanne! How are you?

Susanne: I am fine. What about you?

Merry: I am great! Peter and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary next week.

Susanne: Oh great! Congratulations in advance!

Merry: Thank you very much, Susanne. So, can you come over for a small party? It's next week on Tuesday.

Susanne: Sure I can! Thank you for inviting me Merry.

Inviting Relatives

Peter: Hello Aunt Merci. How is it going?

Aunt Merci: Oh Peter! It's all going fine. How are you?

Peter: I am fine too, Auntie. Merry and I have our wedding anniversary next week.

Aunt Merci: Oh yes! I almost forgot about that!

Peter: So, would you please come to our place next Tuesday?

Aunt Merci: Yes, I’ll be there Peter! Did you call up your uncle about it? He is at the office now.

Peter: I haven’t called him yet.

Aunt Merci: Don’t worry, I’ll tell him about it.

Peter: Thank you. See you both on Tuesday!

Inviting a Co-worker

Peter: Hello Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith: Hi Peter! How’s work?

Peter: It’s fine. Look, I just wanted to invite you to my wedding anniversary. It's on Tuesday.

Mr. Smith: Oh! That’s great! For how many years have you been married?

Peter : It’s been 10 years now. We’ll throw a small party. Can you join us?

Mr. Smith: I would love to Peter, but I might be flying to Colorado on Sunday.

Peter: Well, we’ll miss you if you can’t make it, but I understand.

Mr. Smith: I can make it if the trip gets delayed, Peter.

Peter: I hope you can!

Inviting Friends

Peter: Hey Brad, it’s party time!

Brad: Man, I have been partying all week! What is this one about?

Peter: Dude, it’s my anniversary next week.

Brad: Wow! That’s gonna be great! When’s the party?

Peter: It’s on Tuesday evening. I’ve been married for a decade. I’ve invited all my good friends and relatives.

Brad: I’ll be there mate, and I will bring Samantha too.

Peter: Of course! We want you both there with us!

Brad: Alright! See you then.

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