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In this lesson we will see some conversations about global warming.

Talking to a Friend About Global Warming

Jack: Man, it is damn hot these days. I am sweating like a pig!

Michel: Right Jack, I guess it is getting warmer every year.

Jack: Yes! Don't you remember we used to drink hot coffee around this time of the year, some years ago?

Michel: I remember that, dude. Nowadays it’s strictly iced tea.

Jack: This is all due to global warming. It’s not going to get any cooler. We’ll have to learn to live with it.

Michel: You are correct Jack. This change is not only over here. It is all over the world.

Jack: It doesn’t rain as much anymore, and I heard that the polar ice-caps are melting.

Michel: We must reduce pollution if we want to survive, Jack.

Jack: You’re absolutely right.

Telling a Friend Not to Cut a Tree

Michel: Hey man! I heard you are going to cut that big tree on your yard. Is that true?

Timothy: Yes I am, Michel. I want some space to park my new car.

Michel: Why don’t you park it under the tree?

Timothy: I thought about that too, but the tree will shed leaves over my car.

Michel: Timothy, if you park the car under the tree it would be protected from the sun and anyway, cleaning leaves out is easy.

Timothy: Well, I didn’t think about it so much. Maybe I shouldn’t cut it after all.

Michel: Thank you Timothy. We should be more conscious about protecting the environment. Trees help reducing global warming.

Timothy: You are right Michel. I will be more careful in the future.

Talking About Conserving Trees

Timothy: This tree is really helping me. It would be very hot if it wasn’t here.

Jack: That’s right. It keeps the surroundings cool. We mustn’t cut down trees unnecessarily.

Timothy: Yes, trees help reduce pollution and create a better environment.

Jack: They help in the formation of clouds and bring rain.

Timothy: That’s true Jack! I will plant a new tree in my backyard this evening.

Jack: That’s a good decision,Timothy. Let’s all work together to save our environment.

Talking About Air Pollution

Mike: Jack, I think you should get your car serviced.

Jack: What makes you think so? I’ve just had it!

Mike: Really? The black smoke from your car is disgusting! You should take care of that.

Jack: I see. I don’t want to be the one polluting air.

Mike: Right Mike. I think that’s a serious offence. Air pollution is the primary pollution which increases global warming directly. It’s the main reason for diseases like asthma and lung cancer.

Jack: I’ll get an eco-friendly car soon.

Mike: Great idea Mike! I want one too. Eco-friendly cars also save fuel!

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