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In this lesson, we will see different ways of how to use the phrase ‘disagree with’.


Jenny: ‘Disagree with’ is a phrasal verb used to denote that someone has a different opinion from someone else about something.

Fred: That’s correct. It is also used to refer to a type of food that makes you feel slightly ill or uncomfortable.

Jenny: Yes, that’s absolutely right Fred. For example: ‘Food made in mustard oil disagrees with me’.

Fred: Thanks for the example, Jenny. Here is another one: ‘Most people strongly disagree with the way children are evaluated in schools, today’.

Jenny: That’s right. We can also say: ‘I totally disagree with cruelty to animals’.

Fred: Thanks for another amazing example, Jenny. I think the meaning and usage of ‘disagree with’ is quite clear. Let’s see some sample conversations now.

Conversation #1

Kelly: Where were you, Ben?

Ben: I went shopping.

Kelly: Wow! Shopping! Why did you go alone? You could have asked me to come with you.

Ben: I didn't ask you because you always disagree with my selection of clothes.

Kelly: That’s right, Ben. I disagree with your selection because you don't pick the right stuff.

Ben: Well, it may not be the right stuff for you, but I like my choices. This time I wanted to buy something I like.

Kelly: Alright. So, show me what you got.

Ben: Maybe later, Kelly. I don’t feel very well…

Kelly: What’s wrong?

Ben: I think the shrimp platter I ate at the mall didn’t agree with me.

Kelly: See?! That’s another reason you should call me when you go out! I know shrimp never agrees with you!

Ben: You’re right, Kelly…I can’t disagree with you…you always know what’s best.

Conversation #2

James: I think you lied to me about why you didn't want to visit grandma’s house.

Kelly: Why would I do that? I like going to grandma’s.

James: I don’t know. Maybe you disagreed with my plan.

Kelly: Why would I disagree with spending my holidays at grandma’s house? I was really busy preparing for my exams.

James: Alright. I’ll accept your excuse this time. But I don't want to hear any excuses next time.

Kelly: I’ll definitely visit grandma after my exams.

Conversation #3

Ben: Hey James. What’s up?

James: Nothing much. Just came back from work.

Ben: Actually, I came here to invite you to a party tomorrow.

James: Sorry, dude! I’m really busy tomorrow. I have some urgent meetings scheduled. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the party.

Ben: Come on, James. Life’s not only about work. You need to enjoy it, too.

James: I’m sorry, Ben. I disagree with you. I like working, and for me it’s fun.

Ben: I understand. Everyone’s got their own priorities. Anyway, try to come to the party.

James: Sure. Thanks for the invitation.

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