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In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use when talking about money.

Asking for Change for a Dollar

Michael: Do you have change for a dollar?

Stu: Consider yourself lucky, old chap. I do. Why do you need it?

Michael: I need some change for the bus. They never have change and I always have to waste my time asking other passengers.

Stu: All right. How do you want it?

Michael: A couple of quarters and five dimes would be great.

Stu: Here is it. I hope that’s enough.

Michael: Yes. I’m sure it is. Thank you so much.

Lost a dollar

Stella: Oh! Great! Just what I needed!!

Bercy: What happened, Stella?

Stella: I lost another dollar in the vending machine. This stupid machine is always out of order.

Bercy: Oh. I’m not at all surprised. It’s happened to me too, a number of times.

Stella: This machine eats money like a hungry teenager eats hamburgers. We should make a complaint to the management.

Bercy: You are right. I think for now we should put a sign on it so that the same thing doesn't happen to others.

Not Having Enough Money

Bercy: Great! I forgot my wallet at home.

Stu: It’s okay. I’ll treat today.

Bercy: No. Let me check in my bag. I think I have some money in there.

Stu: It’s all right, Bercy.

Bercy: Here it is. I’ve only got 10 dollars. I’ll have to owe you the rest.

Stu: Don’t be silly. You might need this money to get home. I’m sure this is all you’ve got for now. Let me get this check. You can treat next time.

Bercy: I feel so bad. I don’t know how I forgot to bring my wallet.

Stu: That's absolutely fine. It happens.

Saying You’re Broke

Stella: Hey! Long time, no see! Let’s eat out tonight!

Michael: Did you get promotion or something?

Stella: No, I just want to have a good time. You don’t need a promotion or a special occasion to have a nice, quiet dinner with a friend.

Michael: Well, I can't take you out tonight. I’m kind of broke and cannot afford any fancy dinners, at least for another week.

Stella: Really? Why didn't you say something?

Michael: Why should I? I’m only telling you now to explain why I can’t go out with you.

Stella: Well, come on! I still want to go out for dinner tonight, and it’s on me.

Michael: Really? I hope you feel like having a good time everyday!

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