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In this lesson, we will study how to use ‘ask in.’

Ask Somebody In

Teddy: ‘Ask in’ is a phrasal verb used to invite somebody into your house, office, room etc.

Rex: That’s right Teddy. It is specifically used to invite someone inside some place.

Teddy: Why don’t you share an example of ‘ask in’ with us, Rex?

Rex: Sure Teddy. Don't leave him standing on the doorstep – ask him in!

Teddy: That’s a good example. And here is another one: I asked my new neighbours in for a cup of tea.

Rex: That’s right Teddy. I think the meaning of ‘ask in’ is quite clear now. Let’s see some sample conversations.

Conversation #1

Dreck: The insurance agent is at the door. He wants your signature on some form.

Pearl: Please ask him in. I’ll be there in a minute.

Dreck: Do you want me to stay home?

Pearl: It’s alright. I know you have a lot to do. You can go. I’ll handle it.

Dreck: Alright. He is sitting downstairs. Don’t make him wait for too long.

Conversation #2

Simmie: Are you going out somewhere?

Brat: Yes, I have an important meeting today. Why do you ask?

Simmie: I’ve asked our new neighbours in for a cup of coffee. I thought you would join us.

Brat: I’m sorry honey. I won’t be able to join you guys today. You should’ve talked to me in advance before asking them in. .

Simmie: You’re right. Just try to come back soon, if possible.

Conversation #3

Simmie: There’s someone standing at the main gate. Do you know him?

Dreck: That guy has come from my office to get some important files.

Simmie: You should have asked him in. Why did you keep him waiting outside? It’s so cold!

Dreck: I asked him in, but he declined. He should be in a hurry.

Simmie: Alright. You’d better find the files soon then.

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