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In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use to talk about your skin and related problems.

Telling About Your Skin Problem

Becky: The girl sitting 3 rows away is so pretty. Her skin looks baby smooth.

Jimmie: Yeah. She really is pretty. Her skin is quite clear and without blemishes.

Becky: I wish I had such a smooth skin. More glow and less shine.

Jimmie: You do have a lovely face, Becky. You just don't take care of yourself.

Becky: What do you mean I don't take care of myself? I exercise, have healthy eating habits, and sleep well.

Jimmie: I know you have a healthy lifestyle. But, your skin needs a lot more than that.

Becky: Really? Like what?

Jimmie: There are many natural home remedies to help manage oily skin and acne flare-ups. Your skin needs a lot of pampering, especially your face.

Becky: Hmm... I definitely have to start taking care of my skin.

Skin Rash Due to Shaving

Jenny: Oh Jack. What’s happened to your face?

Jack: Nothing much. I cut myself while shaving this morning.

vJenny: The cut looks like a heat rash.

Jack: I know. I can feel it too. It's really irritating.

Jenny: Why do you always cut yourself when you shave? Don't you know how to use a razor?

Jack: I definitely know how to use a razor. It's just that my skin is really soft as compared to other guys’, and my beard is really full.

Jenny: Oh. So you still have a baby skin, kiddo!

Jack: Right, right! Any advice you want to give me, though?

Jenny: Well, you can try shaving in the hot shower, or in the sauna. The steam will help open the pores.

Jack: Hey! Good idea! I’ll give it a try next time.

Jenny: Oh, and using a moisturizer is a good idea.

Oily Skin

Becky: Hi, Jenny. How are you doing?

Jenny: I'm good, Becky. What’s up?

Becky: Hey, you know about skin care, don’t you?

Jenny: vSure. You need some tips?

Becky: I have oily skin and I'm sick of these acne outbreaks that pop every other day. How can I get rid of them?

Jenny: My first advice to you would be to wash your face often, especially before going to bed. Try to use a soft cleanser, not harsh soaps.

Becky: I do that already. Is there anything else you can help me with?

Jenny: Yes. I'll give you a cleanser for oily skin that you should use twice a day. You can also use cosmetic blotting paper. But don’t scrub it, press it gently.

Becky: Will it help in drying the acne too?

Jenny: Definitely. Keep your hair clean and off your face. And avoid resting your hands, or your phone, on your face.

Getting a Facelift

Jenny: Do you know someone who’s been under the knife?

Jimmie: You mean cosmetic surgery?

Jenny: Yes. I would like to know if it's safe to get a facelift.

Jimmie: What are you talking about? We all know it's not safe at all. And what's wrong with your face?

Jenny: I want to go back to the way things were. These wrinkles on my face just disgust me.

Jimmie: Don’t be stupid. It’s natural. You are just ageing and there’s nothing to worry about. It happens with everyone.

Jenny: Nothing to worry about?! Are you for real?!

Jimmie: Come on. Don’t be such a drama queen!

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