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In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use when requesting a new mobile connection.

Getting Telephone Service

Johnson: Hello, how may I help you?

Stephen: Yes. My name is Stephen. I'd like to get a telephone connection.

Johnson: All right. May I have your address?

Stephen: Sure. It's 123 Huddle Street, Texas.

Johnson: Thank you. OK, Stephen. Are most your calls local, or do you call other states?

Stephen: I make mostly local calls, but sometimes I call France. My parents live there.

Johnson: Ok, we have a plan which includes 500 minutes for local calls, and 500 minutes for calls to France.

Stephen: And how much is it per month?

Johnson: Your monthly bill will be $34,00. Each additional minute of local calls will cost 5 cents, and each additional minute to France will cost $ 1,35.

Stephen: All right. That sounds good. Your prices are very competitive. And how soon can you connect my phone?

Johnson: You can start making calls in two to three hours.

Stephen: Sounds good. Let’s do it.

Inquiring About New Services

Dave: Trinity Cellular, Dave speaking. How may I help you?

Becky: Hi, Dave. My name is Becky. I’d like to know if you can offer me a better plan than what I have. I think I’m paying too much.

Dave: Ok, Becky. Can I have your phone number with area code, please?

Becky: Sure. It’s (281) 555-1234.

Dave: Well, I see here that you call New York a lot.

Becky: Yes. That’s true. My publisher is there. And I’m paying more than $50,00 per month.

Dave: I can offer you a plan where you’ll pay $29,00 per month and you’ll have 700 minutes to call New York.

Becky: Sounds good. But I also call California every weekend. Can you improve my prices?

Dave: We can include 300 minutes to California for that same price if you call weekends between noon and six pm.

Becky: That’s perfect! I’d like to subscribe for this service. Can you do it today?

Dave: Sure I can. You can start making calls with your new plan in two to three hours.

Becky: Thank you very much.

Dave: Is there anything else I can do for you?

Becky: No, thank you. You’ve been great.

Getting Telephone Service Disconnected

Stephen: Trinity Cellular. This is Stephen, may I help you?

Johnson: I'd like to have my phone disconnected.

Stephen: I understand. May I ask why you want to disconnect your service?

Johnson: Well, I have been promoted and transferred to New York.

Stephen: Oh, I see. May I have your phone number with area code, please?

Johnson: Sure. My phone number is (567) 555 4536.

Stephen: For security purposes, Mr. Johnson, may I have your date of birth?

Johnson: It's September 5, 1982.

Stephen: Thank you. Your service will be disconnected today.

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