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In this lesson we will learn how to report a theft.

Calling the Police Station

Max: Hello, Fairfield County Police.

Alex: Hello! This is Alex Mayer. I’m calling from Fairwood Shopping Complex.

Max: Yes. This is Officer Max Caulfield. How can I help you, sir?

Alex: There was a theft in my shop last night. I lost everything!

Max: Sir, please stay calm, we’ll take care of that. At what time did it happen?

Alex: How should I know! It happened at night!

vMax: All right! Just let me know your address.

Alex: Its 52C, Ground Floor, Fairwood Shopping Complex, City Central Park.

Max: Thank you, Mr. Mayer. We’ll be there within fifteen minutes.

Talking to the Police About the Theft

Alex: Yes, officer. I am Alex Mayer.

Max: Good Morning, Mr. Mayer. I am Officer Caulfield. How did it happen?

vAlex: They took all the computers and other machines. Everything’s worth thousands of dollars. I am ruined!

Max: Please be patient, Mr. Mayer. We’ll find them.

Alex: I hope so, Officer. This is really getting bad. Wasn’t there a robbery in Miller’s Hall last month?

Max: Yes there was, and the robbers were caught.

Alex: Will I get all my things back?

Max: We’ll take care of the criminals and everything you lost.

Alex: vPlease do that!

Max: You have my word Mr. Mayer. We’ll bring the thieves to justice.

Telling the Victim the Thief is Behind Bars

Max: Hello, Mr. Alex Mayer?

Alex: Yes. Who’s this?

Max: This is Officer Max Caulfield, Fairfield County Police.

Alex: Yes, Officer! Is there any good news?

Max: Yes. We’re holding a suspect in custody along with some electronic equipment.

vAlex: Well done, Officer!

Max: Mr. Mayer, will you come to the police station to confirm if the equipment is yours?

Alex: Sure! I’ll be there within an hour!

Max: Thank you Mr. Mayer.

Thanking the Police

Alex: Hello, Officer Caulfield!

Max: Oh! Hello Mr. Mayer.

Alex: Thank you, Officer Caulfield. I got everything back!

Max: You’re welcome! Are all the machines working fine?

Alex: They seem to be, but I haven’t checked all of them.

Max: Please let us know if there’s any problem in the future.

Alex: Sure, I will, Officer. I’ve always trusted the law of the land.

Max: We all hope for better times, Mr. Mayer. Have a good day!

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