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In this lesson we will learn how to call the office and inform that you cannot come to work.

Telling Your Boss You Can’t Come to the Office

Neil: Hello, Mr. Carlson! This is Neil.

Carlson: Yes, Neil. How are you doing?

Neil: Mr. Carlson, I’m not well. I won’t be able to come into the office today.

Carlson: Oh! Why? What happened to you?

Neil: I fell down the stairs this morning and sprained my left leg.

Carlson: I see. So you can’t walk around?

Neil: No, it’s very painful. I think I need a day off.

Carlson: All right, Neil. Get well soon. Just keep me informed.

Neil: Thank you, Mr. Carlson. I will. I hope to be in tomorrow.

Telling a Colleague

Neil: Hello. Is this Jaime?

Jaime: Yes. Who is this?

Neil: This is Neil. Jaime, I won’t come to the office today.

Jaime: What happened, Neil?

Neil: I fell down the stairs and I cannot walk.

Jaime: You should be more careful! I can’t do all this work alone!

Neil: Thanks for being so sympathetic, Jaime. I will try to be in tomorrow.

Jaime: Hmm... Well, I’m sorry. It’s just that there’s a pile of things to do.

Neil: Don’t worry, Jaime, I will take care of it when I come in.

Jaime: Thanks, Neil. I hope you get well soon.

Neil: Thank you Jaime!

Telling Your Boss You Need Three Days Off

Jaime: Mr. Carlson, I need three days off starting tomorrow.

Carlson: Jaime, do you know that Neil is already home with a sprained leg?

Jaime: I know that, Mr. Carlson, but it’s really important.

Carlson: And what about your job? Is it not important?

Jaime: Of course it is, but I really need these 3 days.

Carlson: Why do you need them?

Jaime: Well, my wife needs to have some exams done and we need to go out of town.

Carlson: Jaime, could you reschedule the exams for next week? Go when Neil is back in the office.

Jaime: Well, we scheduled the exams because now the hospital finally has the CAT machines. We’ve been waiting for three weeks.

Carlson: Well, in that case, it’s better if you don’t miss the appointment.

Jaime: Thank you for understanding, Mr. Carlson. I’ll make sure to catch up on any late work as soon as I return. And Neil can do some of this from his home computer.

Carlson: Good idea, Jaime. See you in three days, then.

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