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In this lesson we will learn how to begin a conversation starting with “How is/was your day?”

Talking to a Spouse

Fred: Hey, honey! How was your day?

Melissa: It was Ok. How was yours?

Fred: It was great! Mr. Anderson said that my chances for the managing position are good.

Melissa: That’s great news! My day wasn’t bad. I think we’re going to sign the contract with Smith & Smith, tomorrow.

Fred: We should go out and celebrate!!

Melissa: You’re right. We don’t both get good news on the same day very often.

Talking to a Friend

Melissa: Hello, Hanna. How’s your day today?

Hanna: It’s good. How are you doing?

Melissa: I’m fine. Do you know Mr. John McKenzie?

Hanna: John? Yes, he lives on Baker Street. Don’t you live there, too?

Melissa: I do, but I’ve never met him.

Hanna: He’s a good man. He’s usually traveling abroad, on business.

Melissa: Seems like you know a lot about him.

Hanna: Yes, we talk sometimes. I know his wife, Suzane.

Talking to an Elderly

Fred: Hello, Mr. Burton. Looking troubled. How’s your day?

Mr. Burton: It’s the joint pain, Fred. How is your day?

Fred: It’s fine. Are you taking any medication?

Mr. Burton: I called up Dr. Justin today. He told me to come to the hospital.

Fred: I can take you to the hospital. Why don’t we go tomorrow?

Mr. Burton: Thank you Fred, but I’m fine. I don’t want to trouble you.

Fred: It’s on my way to work. It’s no trouble at all. Just be ready at 10am tomorrow, Mr. Burton.

Mr. Burton: Oh, I see. That’s Ok, then. I’ll be ready.

Talking to a Colleague

Mr. Burton: Hello, Mrs. Hanna. How are you doing?

Hanna: I’m all right. How’s your day?

Mr. Burton: It’s great.

Hanna: Why didn’t you come yesterday?

Mr. Burton: I went to the hospital. I had acupuncture.

Hanna: Oh! The pain must be better, then.

Mr. Burton: I think I’ll be alright. I’ve started my medication.

Hanna: You look very well, today!

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