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In this lesson, we will learn how to talk about our hobbies through some simple


Talking to Someone on the Bus

Linda: It’s a good day for a long ride.

Maggie: Yes. It’s perfect. I love to read while travelling.

Maggie: I’m Maggie. I’m from New York.

Linda: So, you like reading? What do you like read?

Maggie: Yes, I like history, astrology, palmistry and all related stuff.

Linda: Oh! That’s really interesting. Can you also read palms?

Maggie: No, no! I wouldn’t dare. I just like the subject. And you? What are your interests?

Linda: I like photography and travelling.

Maggie: Great! I want to travel to Egypt and India one day.

Linda: I’ve been to India. Based on what you just told me, I believe you’ll love it there.

Maggie: Yes! So do I!

Talking to a Friend

Jeff: Hey Ethan. I brought you some DVDs.

vEthan: Dude! Thank you but watching movies is not really a hobby for me.

Jeff: Oh! I thought you would like it. What do you like to do in your spare time then?

Ethan: My hobby is to play games.

Jeff: Which games do you play?

Ethan: I can play Unreal Tournament for hours. What’s your favorite pastime?

Jeff: I don’t like video games. I just like watching movies.

Ethan: Did you watch ‘Tekken’?

Jeff: Yes, I liked it. Do you have the game?

Ethan: Yes I do. Let’s play it.

Talking to a Neighbour

Ethan: Wow Maggie! You’re really into collecting old books!

Maggie: Yes, I collect rare books. It’s one of my hobbies.

Ethan: It’s a nice one! I myself am a collector, too. I collect coins.

Maggie: Sounds fun! You must have many old coins!

Ethan: Well, I’m just an amateur. I don’t have old coins, but I do have coins from most of the countries.

Maggie: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ethan: I like to watch movies. What about you?

Maggie: I listen to music. It helps me to relax.

Talking About Unusual Hobbies

Merlyn: What do you do for fun, Kyle?

I sometimes make prank calls, just for the fun of it!

Merlyn: OMG! That’s a weird hobby.

Kyle: It’s not really a hobby but I can’t help doing it from time to time.

Merlyn: Hmm...is that all you do for fun?!

Kyle: No, no. I also like to collect tea bag covers.

Merlyn: Err..you collect tea bags for fun?! Sorry to say pal, but it doesn’t sound that much fun either.

Kyle: What can I say? People are different...

Merlyn: Oh, I couldn’t agree more...

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