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In this lesson, we will see some phrases you can use when talking to someone who looks sad.

Poor Exam Result

Carlton: Hey Steve. What happened? Why do you look so upset?

Steve: Oh man. I did not score good in my exams.

Carlton: How much did you score this time?

Steve: I got a C - and now I’ve lost my one and only chance to get a PS4 for my birthday.

Carlton: What do you mean?

Steve: I asked my dad to give me a PS4. He said he would only do it if I could get at least a B+.

Carlton: Now, that’s real bad news for you.

A Relative is Sick

Steve: Hey Jordan. Where have you been?

Jordan: You have no idea. It’s been a real tough week, Steve.

Steve: What happened?

Jordan: My uncle got really sick. I’ve been helping my aunt to take care of him.

Steve: Oh, sounds bad, I’m sorry to hear it. What did the doctors say?

Jordan: They said it can be treated with proper therapies and a few surgeries. But, for now everyone back home is very upset.

Steve: He’s a strong man, Jordan. He’ll recover fast, I’m sure. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Jordan: Sure buddy. Thanks a lot.

After a Break Up

Carlton: You look so sad Annie. What’s bothering you?

Annie: My boyfriend dumped me last week.

Carlton: Whoa! But how did that happen?

Annie: Well..he was dating some other girl, too.

Carlton: What are you saying?! Did he tell you that?

Annie: I read her messages on his phone. When I confronted him, he broke it down in pieces and told me everything.

Carlton: Wow! It must’ve been really difficult for you.

Annie: It hasn’t been easy. I feel really bad. It was so humiliating.

Carlton: That moron does not deserve you. Keep your head up high, Annie.

Annie: You’re a good friend, Carl. Thank you.

Lost the Race

Jordan: So, how did it go? Did you win anything?

Carlton: Look at me. Do you think I look like a winner?

Jordan: Ouch. Okay...Got it. You didn’t win.

Carlton: vSorry Jordan, I didn’t mean to be rude.

Jordan: Chill man, it’s okay. But you do seem to be more upset than usual. I mean, you’ve been doing this for a while and by now you’re used to winning and losing. It’s part of the game.

Carlton: But this time it wasn’t my driving. It was the car. It simply broke down.

Jordan: Oh, but you did get it serviced before the race, didn’t you?

Carlton: Of course I did, that’s why I’m so upset.

Jordan: I can understand. Wish you better luck next time.

Carlton: Yeah, and better mechanics as well, I should say!

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