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In this lesson we’ll see some phrases that you can use to express happiness.

Going Home for the Holidays

Robin: You look quite happy today. Have you won a prize or something?

Huey: No. I’m actually going to my hometown for the summer holidays this year.

Robin: Really? That’s great news.

Huey: It is indeed. I’ll be seeing my family after 3 long years. You can't even imagine how thrilled I am. I miss my family so much!

Robin: When are you leaving?

Huey: Tomorrow. The flight takes off at 6pm.

Robin: Have a nice trip, Huey!

Getting a New Car

Fazel: Hey Avira. I heard you’re buying a new car. Is that right?

Avira: Yes. I’m finally buying my first new car!

Fazel: So, which one will it be?

Avira: I’m still not sure. I am so excited about it, I’ve test driven almost every car that fits my budget.

Fazel: Really? Wow. You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?

Avira: Obviously! After all, it’s the first car that I’ll be buying with my own hard-earned money.

Fazel: You have all the rights to feel this way. It’s a big thing. Congratulations!

Avira: Thank you!

Won a Ticket to Your Favorite Play

Robin: Hey dude. Are you going somewhere?

Fazel: Yeah. Do you remember I was talking to you about a play?

Robin: The play which you wanted to see, but couldn't afford the tickets?

Fazel: Correct! You know what? I won a free ticket for tonight!

Robin: What are you saying, man? How did you win it?

Fazel: I was zapping last night and there was this TV game show on. They asked a question and the prize was a surprise. I texted them the answer and as it was correct, I won the ticket!

Robin: That’s terrific! You’re such a lucky guy.

Getting a Promotion

Avira: Someone looks very happy today!

Huey: Oh, I am jumping for joy! I finally got the promotion I was long waiting for.

Avira: You mean you’re the general manager now?

Huey: Right on the spot! I’m the new general manager and I’ll be based in Geneva.

Avira: That’s wonderful news! We’ll finally be able to settle down!

Huey: Yup. And on top of that, they’ll be providing me with living accommodation.

Avira: I couldn't have asked for more Huey. I’m so happy for you!

Huey: This calls for a celebration! Get your coat honey, we’re going out!

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