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In this lesson we will see different ways to talk about a movie.

Your Favorite Movie

Alan: I wish I were a Jack Sparrow’s crew member.

Nash: A crew member?! I’d like to be Jack Sparrow himself!

Alan: Johnny Depp fits into the character so well.

Nash: He does, right? Gosh, he’s such a versatile actor!

Alan: I’m longing for the next ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Nash: Which part is your favorite?

Alan: I can’t really tell. I like all of them very much.

Nash: ‘The Curse of the Black Pearl’ is my favorite, by far!

A Movie You Didn’t Like

Alan: I watched ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ yesterday.

Anna: I watched it, too! Isn’t it a great movie?

Alan: What?! No way!! It was a complete waste of my time!

Anna: Oh, come on. How can you say that?

Alan: v I’m so pissed at Kristen Stewart. She ruined everything!

Anna: Now, that’s a serious allegation. Everybody likes her.

Alan: Sure. Everybody but me! She may be beautiful but she’s not a good actress.

Anna: I think she’s perfect for the role.

Deciding Which Movie to Watch

Nash: Hey Lynn, how about a movie on Sunday?

Lynn: Yeah! I want to see that 3D horror movie.

Nash: ‘Silent Hill’?

Lynn: vThat’s it. I’ve watched the previous parts. Now I just can’t wait to watch the last one.

Nash: Well, I’m not a fan of horror. But I like 3D movies. Don’t you prefer to see ‘The Hobbit’?

Lynn: Horror in 3D is much better. It’ll be a blast! Come on, say yes!

Nash: Alright then! Deal. I’ll pick you up at 7.

Lynn: I’ll be ready!

Discussing a Movie

Lynn: Okay, now, that is a scary movie!

Anna: What did you expect? It’s a horror movie. It’s supposed to be scary.

Lynn: Right, but this one is too good! It felt so real.

Anna: Real?! It’s called ‘Paranormal Activity’, Lynn. That stuff just doesn’t exist.

Lynn: Well..weren’t you watching?! How do you explain the door being closed when there was nobody in the room? Or the kid being attacked by something we couldn’t see?

Anna: Lynn, please, it’s a movie! Stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life.

Lynn: All I know is that I’m sleeping with my lights on!

Anna: You make me laugh!!

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