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In this lesson we will learn how to talk about our preferences and choices with the help of some conversations.

Choosing Something

Rex: Hello Duffy. Let’s go buy a T-shirt.

Duffy: Alright. But I want a shirt, not a T-shirt.

Rex: Don’t you like T-shirts, Duffy?

Duffy: I prefer shirts to T-shirts.

Rex: So you choose to be formal rather than casual.

Duffy: Yes. I prefer formal wear.

Rex: That’s your choice, Duffy. But I always prefer a casual look.

Refusing Something

Jina: Dyna, I have two passes for the fashion show.

Dyna: That’s good.

Jina: Don’t you wanna join me?

Dyna: No Jina. I don’t like to watch fashion shows.

Jina: C’mon Dyna! It’s just for a day!

Dyna: I prefer to go to a concert.

Jina: No Dyna. I can’t stand the loud noise at a music concert.

Asking for Something Else

Duffy: George, I came to return this DVD. Give me another one.

George: What happened? Don’t you like horror movies?

Duffy: I like horror movies, but not movies like “Audition”. It’s brutal gore!

George: What kind of horror movies do you prefer?

Duffy: Something like “The Grudge” or “The Ring”.

George: I understand your choice now. You should watch “The Shutter”.

Duffy: Oh yes! I’ve heard about that one.

At the Restaurant

Dyna: There’s a whole lot of items in the menu.

Rex: Let’s have some shrimps.

Dyna: I don’t like seafood. I’ll have a steak.

Rex: I’m tired of meats. I want to eat some seafood today.

Dyna: You know what? I’m tired of meat, too. Alright then, let me check the menu.

Rex: Sure. Take your time.

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