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In this lesson we will learn how to talk about changing hotel rooms.

I Want Another Room

Kate: Good morning, Terry. I’d like to change to another room.

Terry: Is there a problem?

Kate: The room would be all right if it weren’t so noisy.

Terry: It’s the traffic on the street below. Closing the windows would reduce the noise.

Kate: There’d be no fresh air if I closed the windows. And the air conditioner doesn’t work. Is there a room facing the sea?

Terry: Let me check... Yes, I can put you in room 605. There’s a wonderful view and it’s very quiet.

Kate: Thank you, Terry.

Terry: You’re welcome!

Talking to the Manager

Kate: Excuse me, Mr. Ford. The air conditioner in my room doesn’t work.

Ford: I’ll send someone to take care of it right away.

Kate: This may take too long. I’d like to change rooms, please.

Ford: All right. Let me see what we have available.

Kate: Well, I’d like to stay in a room facing the sea.

Ford: I got it. The rooms facing the sea are $25 more than those facing the road.

Kate: That’s fine. Please get me one facing the sea.

Talking About the Room Change

Ford: Terry, will you please take Ms. Kate’s luggage from room 601 to 605?

Terry: That’s Ms. Kate’s luggage, right?

Ford: Yes. She wants a room facing the sea.

Terry: She complained about the traffic noise on the street below.

Ford: And the air conditioner isn’t working in 601. After you take Ms. Kate’s luggage, please call maintenance and see when they can be here.

Terry: Well, that’s why she’s complaining. Without the air conditioner, she keeps her windows open and all the noise from the streets bothers her. I’ll take her baggage and then call Joe from maintenance.

Thanking the Manager

Ford: Good Morning Ms. Kate.

Kate: Good Morning Mr. Ford.

Ford: How’s the new room working out for you?

Kate: It’s much better. Now I can leave the windows open when I want. I appreciate the help.

Ford: My Pleasure, Ms. Kate.

Kate: By the way, Mr. Ford, I’ve been meaning to ask…my friend Lillian is arriving next week. Would you have a room available next to mine?

Ford: I’m not sure. Let me check. Yes, here we are. The guest in room 603 will be checking out on Saturday. Will that be ok?

Kate: That will be perfect. She arrives on Monday. I’d like to book that room for her.

Ford: I’ll do that right away. I’ll just need her last name and a credit card number.

Kate: No problem. Her last name is Stevens, and I’ll use my card!

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