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In this lesson, we will study the Simple Present.


Jacky: The Simple Present is used when we want to describe actions that are routine or a habit in someone’s life. It is also used to refer to facts.

Honey: Every day, I wake up at 6:30 in the morning.

Jacky: In this sentence, the speaker is referring to something she does every day; it is part of her routine.

Honey: My mother goes to Europe every year.

Jacky: In this example, the speaker is talking about her mother’s habit of visiting Europe every year.

Honey: Bill Gates is a very wealthy man.

Jacky: Here, the speaker is describing a fact that she does not expect to change.

Jacky: The Simple Present is also used to describe people’s physical or personal characteristics.

Honey: Paula is tall and has black hair.

Jacky: In this sentence, the speaker describes Paula physically.

Honey: Paula is very patient and helpful.

Jacky: In this sentence, the speaker describes Paula’s personality.

Jacky: We will also use the Simple Present to describe future actions that are planned.

Honey: My flight leaves tomorrow at 7 pm.

Jacky: In this case, Honey has a plane ticket and knows for a fact when her flight leaves.

Conversation 1

Jamie: What do you usually do on weekends?

Sidney: I usually go to the beach when it doesn’t rain, but next Saturday I work.

Jamie: What a bummer.

Sidney: I know. I work one Saturday a month.

Jamie: But you have a good salary and love your job.

Sidney: Yes, I do. I’m happy with my life.

Conversation 2


Jamie: Do you know Valerie?

Sidney: Yes, I do, why?

Jamie: Is she an honest person?

Sidney: Yes! She is very reliable and responsible, too.

Jamie: Great. I want to hire her as my secretary.

Sidney: That’s a good choice.

Jamie: Good. My current secretary is always late and forgets things.

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