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In this lesson we will talk about the phrasal verb ‘run out’.


Stephen: Hello. Today we’ll talk about the phrasal verb ‘run out’.

Dean: Americans use a lot of phrasal verbs, right?

Stephen: Yes. To ‘run out’ means to use all of something so that there is none left. It happens all the time with my money. I always run out of money before the end of the month.

Dean: I know what you mean, man. By the way, can I borrow a few bucks?

Stephen: Haha, very funny, Dean. When I run out of money, I visit my mom.

Dean: Yesterday, I ran out of gas on my way to my mom’s house, so I’m broke.

Stephen: Well, we need to learn how to control our expenses.

Dean: Can we use ‘run out’ for other things?

Stephen: Sure. For example, I was taking a test last week and I ran out of time.

Dean: So, you didn’t finish it?

Stephen: That’s right. I didn’t have time to answer all the questions.

Dean: I see. So, I can say that when I run out of eggs or milk, I make a list of these things so I’ll remember to buy more.

Stephen: That’s a perfect example. And since I’ve run out of examples, let’s now listen to some conversations.

Dean: Good idea.

Conversation 1

Clarice: Good morning, dad. Where’s the orange juice?

Thomas: We ran out last night and I haven’t had time to buy more.

Clarice: Can I borrow your car and go buy some?

Thomas: Sure. The keys are on the coffee table in the living room.

Clarice: Do we need anything else?

Thomas: Check the fridge and see if we’ve run out of butter, and check in the pantry if we’ve run out of cereal.

Conversation 2

Clarice: Dad. Can you believe the supermarket ran out of orange juice?

Thomas: No way!!! What kind of store runs out of O.J.?

Clarice: I know. But at least they hadn’t run out of cereal, so I got some.

Conversation 3

Thomas: Clarice!! Why didn’t you tell me you ran out of medication?

Clarice: I didn’t want to upset you…

Thomas: Honey, I’ll worry more if you don’t tell me when you run out. I know that sometimes I run out of patience with you, but this is very serious. Always tell me when you run out, okay?

Clarice: Ok, dad. I promise.

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