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In this lesson we will learn how to talk while seeing of a friend.

Seeing off a Friend Going for an Interview

Abel: Hey Max! Good luck with the interview.

Max: vThank you, Abel. There comes the train. I should go now.

Abel: Sure! Be careful with the papers and the documents while in the train.

Max: Thank you for reminding me, Max. I get a little nervous in these situations.

Abel: You’ll be alright, Max. Just keep calm and remain confident.

Max: I’ll do my best.

Abel: Max. Bye then! And good luck!

Max: Thank you Abel! Bye.

Your Friend’s Going for a Long Vacation

June: Clara, for how long will you be there?

Clara: I’m off for 3 months.

June: I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot! Don’t forget us!

Clara: How could I forget? I’ll miss you all!

June: We’ll miss you too, Clara. Don’t forget to call me.

Clara: Sure! I’ll call you right after I get there.

June: See you in three months, dear! Have a nice trip!

Clara: Thank you June! See ya!

Seeing off a Friend Who Visited You

Clara: Max, thank you for visiting me. Give my love to little Cindy and Martha.

Max: Thank you Clara! Why don’t you visit us soon?

Clara: Oh! I was going to ask you to come back soon and bring them along.

Max: Clara. Now it’s your turn. Cindy talks about you very often!

Clara: Okay! I’ll call you up before I go.

Max: Yes! And do it soon.

Clara: I will. Bye for now then, Max. See ya soon!

Max: Bye Clara. Call me up!

Seeing off Your Wife

Fred: Okay honey. Did you pack everything?

Samantha: Yes dear. I have everything I need.

Fred: Please take care while you are there love. I will miss you!

Samantha: I will miss you too, Fred. Take care of the kids. I will be back before you know it.

Fred: Yes, the kids are excited because I told them I’ll take them out this weekend.

Samantha: Have fun dear.

Fred: Bye bye, Sammy. Have a safe journey!

Samantha: Thank you babe!

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