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In this lesson we will learn vocabulary used when you’re pulled over by the police.

Getting a Speeding Ticket

Max: Good afternoon.

Joe: Good afternoon, sir. What seems to be the problem?

Max: Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?

Joe: Err…I guess so…was I speeding?

Max: Yes, you were doing 50 miles per hour in a 20-mile per hour zone.

Joe: Yes, sir. I’m very late for an important meeting.

Max: Your license and registration, please.

Joe: Certainly. Here you are.

Max: Mr. Andrews, your license expired six months ago. Is the address correct?

Joe: Yes, sir. I’ve been traveling a lot on business and haven’t had time to renew it.

Max: Well, Mr. Andrews, I’ll only give you a ticket for speeding, but make sure you take care of that expired license.

Joe: Of course. I’ll take care of it this week…

Not Stopping at the Stop Sign

Paula: Good morning. May I see your driver’s license please? And your registration.

Diana: Did I do anything wrong, officer?

Paula: You did not stop completely at the stop sign back there, Ma’am.

Diana: But I’m in such a hurry! I really need to get to the hospital as soon as possible!

Paula: What happened?

Diana: My son’s had an accident! They called from school and told me he was taken to the hospital!

Paula: All right, Ma’am. I’m escorting you to the hospital. Follow me. Here are your license and registration.

Diana: Thank you very much, officer. Please, let’s go.

Paula: He’ll be Ok, Ma’am. You just follow me and drive carefully.

A Warning for an Expired License

Paula: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Tony: No. I have no idea.

Paula: One of your taillights is broken. Can I see your license and registration, please?

Tony: A broken taillight? I just picked the car up from the mechanic!

Paula: Well, you should go back and have him fix it.

Tony: Thanks for letting me know.

Paula: Mr. Bruck, your driver’s license is expired…

Tony: Excuse me? When?

Paula: It expired one month ago.

Tony: Oh, no! What will happen now?

Paula: Well, I’m letting you go with a warning this time, but make sure you renew your license today.

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