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In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use when looking for a missing item.

Can’t Find My Guitar

Luna: What are you looking for, Sam?

Sam: Mom, I just can’t find my guitar anywhere. I have a music lesson in half an hour.

Luna: I don't know. It wasn’t with you when you came home from class yesterday.

Sam: Are you sure?

Luna: Absolutely. You were just carrying your backpack when you got home.

Sam: Oh, man! Then I probably forgot it at my friend’s place.

Luna: You’d better call him right now and make sure.

Where Are My Running Shoes?

Pearl: Why are you so annoyed? Is everything all right?

Genie: Don't even ask. I’m going to the gym but I just can’t find my running shoes.

Pearl: Which ones?

Genie: The ones I always wear when I go to the gym.

Pearl: Are you talking about the white Puma?

Genie: Yes. Have you seen them?

Pearl: Are you suffering from amnesia or something? You gave those shoes away last week.

Genie: I did? Gosh. How could I forget? I think I need some time off from this hectic schedule.

At the Supermarket

Luna: Hello. I was shopping here this afternoon and I think I left my cellphone at the cash register after I paid. But now I don’t see the lady who helped me.

Pearl: Well, we have a lost and found. If any of our employees found your cellphone, that’s where it’ll be.

Luna: Oh, great! Where is the lost and found?

Pearl: It’s right over here. Follow me.

Luna: …Yes! This is it! Thank you very much!!

Pearl: Sure! Glad I could help.

Where Did You Leave My Sunglasses?

Sam: Genie. Where did you leave my sunglasses?

Genie: What sunglasses? I don’t have your sunglasses.

Sam: You borrowed my sunglasses the other day and never bothered to return them.

Genie: I put them on your dresser.

Sam: They’re not there.

Genie: I’m sure they are!...See? Here they are!! Right where I left them.

Sam: Oh, yeah! Well, sorry. You’re right. My bad.

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