At a hospital - Speak English words and phrases at a hospital

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In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are at the hospital.

Making an Appointment

Claire: Hello, how may I help you?

Roy: I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Smith, please.

Claire: What would you like to see him for?

Roy: I need my annual physical and also have a shoulder problem. It is aching.

Claire: Dr. Smith has openings next week. Are you free on Monday or Tuesday?

Roy: I am free on Tuesday afternoon.

Claire: We will schedule you for next week Tuesday at 3pm.

Seeing the Doctor

Claire: Hi, doctor. I came today because I need a flu shot and to get a checkup.

Roy: Okay. Have you had a flu shot in the past year?

Claire: No, not in the last few years. My knee hurts as well. I have been running a lot more and think it is injured.

Roy: When did the pain start and does it still hurt now?

Claire: About 2 weeks ago and yes, it still hurts.

Roy: I suggest you ice it and I will prescribe you some pain medication.

Claire: Thank you, Doctor!

Visiting a Patient

Angelica: Hello, I am here to visit my sister.

Claire: What is your sister’s name?

Angelica: Her name is Annette Simmons. She is going to have a baby.

Claire: Oh, congratulations! Yes, I see here Ms. Simmons is in the maternity ward. Do you need directions?

Angelica: Yes, please.

Claire: She is in the east wing. Take this elevator to the 3rd floor and walk down the hall then make a right turn. She is in room 304.

Seeking Help

Claire: May I help you, sir?

Roy: Yes, My child is running a fever and we need help immediately.

Claire: How long has he had a fever?

Roy : He has had a fever for the last few hours and will not eat. I am afraid he is sick.

Claire: Have a seat and we will get a doctor to see you right away.

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