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In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use when talking about home-related problems.

Problem with Clogged Kitchen Sink

Sammy: Hello, May I speak with the apartment manager?

Genie: This is apartment manager speaking. How can I help you?

Sammy: Hello, Genie. Sammy here. I'm in apartment 10. My kitchen sink is clogged and I need you to send a plumber as soon as possible.

Genie: All right. I'll send the plumber tomorrow.

Sammy: Genie, I'd appreciate it if you could send someone to fix it today. The sink is all backed up. I can’t do the dishes…

Genie: I understand your problem, Sammy. But, I really can’t help. All the plumbers are out on calls right now.

Sammy: Well, Ok then. But, could you send someone later today if a plumber becomes available? It's really a bother.

Genie: Sure. I will. But you’re first on the list tomorrow morning if one doesn’t.

Sammy: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Something’s Wrong with the Drain

Teddy: So, what's wrong in the bathroom?

Honey: I think there's something wrong with the drain. The tub is backed up.

Teddy: Let me take a look. You know what, Honey? It looks like the drain is clogged with hair.

Honey: Well, I guess my roommate didn't clean the tub after taking a bath.

Teddy: Maybe. You should ask her to always get her hair out of there so this won’t happen again.

Honey: Ok, but what should I do now?

Teddy: Don't worry. Just get some drain cleaner. It'll dissolve all hair and other waste materials in the pipe.

Honey: Gosh. That’s gross!

Dripping Faucet

Honey: What’s that noise?

Sammy: Oh, that! The faucet is dripping again!

Honey: Oh, my God. Man, you're going to get a pretty high water bill this month, not to mention the waste!

Sammy: I know. I'm going to get it fixed this weekend.

Honey: Why don't you get it fixed now? I have the number of a good plumber. You can call him.

Sammy: I wish I could. But, I have a really urgent meeting in half an hour.

Honey: Well, if you want I can stay at your apartment and wait for the plumber.

Sammy: Really? That is so sweet of you. You’re really great!

Honey: Hey! What are friends for? Should I call the plumber now?

Sammy: Oh, yeah. Sure. Once he is done just give him the money from the first drawer in my cupboard.

No Water in the Faucet

Teddy: Genie. There's no water. What's going on?

Genie: Not even a single drop of water?

Teddy: None whatsoever. Could you call the administration office?

Genie: Sure. But, there was a notice on the board last evening about the water pressure being low for two days.

Teddy: Oh, great! But, Genie, if the pressure is low, how come there’s no water? There should be at least some.

Genie: I’ll call the janitor and ask him.

Teddy: Ok. Thanks Genie. Let me know what you find out.

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