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In this lesson we’ll study how to use these words: sure, certainly, definitely and absolutely.


Sure is used to express certainty and shows how confident one is about something.


Kate: It was a pleasure visiting your place,Paula

Paula: Thank you. I sure hope to see you again next weekend.

Kate:I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it next week. But I’m sure I’ll come back as soon as possible.

Paula: Be sure to let me know when you’re coming in advance. I’ll make your favorite dish.

Kate: Are you sure you wanna do this? This way I’ll keep coming back!

Paula: Yes I’m sure, Kate. You’re my best friend. It’s great to have you around.


Certainly is used to emphasize and to show that there’s no doubt about something.


Kate: Paula, I read your blog yesterday. You are such a great writer.

Paula: Thanks. I’m glad you liked it.

Kate: Have you always wanted to become a writer?

Paula: I certainly used to write a lot when I was younger. But I never expected to become a professional writer.

Kate: I must say you are doing good. You are certainly going to be a successful author some day.

Paula: Well, there’s certainly a long way to go.


Definitely can be used to express definite manner, complete agreement or strong affirmation.


Mary: Marc, did you call your mother?

Marc: Not yet. I’ll definitely call her in the evening. I’m sure she’s fine.

Mary: I’ll most definitely not accept any excuse this time. I want you to call her right now.

Marc: What’s the hurry? I told you I’ll definitely do it once I’m back from work.

Mary: Your relatives are coming over. They’ll definitely ask you for some news about her. Do you think it’ll be pretty to tell them that you have no idea?

Marc: Definitely not. I’ll call her now.


Absolutely is used to express that there’s no exception or to emphatically express complete agreement.


Mary:I absolutely want to do this, Marc.

Marc: Do you have any idea of what you are saying? Why do you want to resign?

Mary: I think I’ve made my reasons for resigning absolutely clear.

Marc: I understand your reasons, Mary. But we had been considering you for a promotion.

Mary: I absolutely understand that it will be a great loss for me to leave at this point. I just can't stay any longer.

Marc: It’s your final word then.

Mary: Absolutely!

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