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In this lesson we will learn how to talk about your favorite season.

What’s Your Favorite Season?

Samy: The summer is getting too hot this year.

Cathy: That’s right Samy. I really hate this season.

Samy: I hate it, too! What’s your favorite season?

Cathy: I like spring the most. What’s yours?

Samy: Winter is my favorite. Why do you like spring by the way?

Cathy: Everybody likes spring! It’s so full of life! Why do you like winter?

Samy: Well, I like winter because it’s cold. I like to wear heavy clothes and drink hot soups while watching a movie in my room.

My Favorite Seasonal Activity

Jean: Why is the beach so empty?

Paula: It’s always so this time of the year! Who cares to sit on the beach in this cold winter?

Jean: That’s right. This is one of the reasons I like summers in Florida. What’s your favorite season, Paula?

Paula: It’s winter.

Jean: What you like to do the most in winters?

Paula: I love skiing. That’s the only time I get to ski.

Jean: Wow! I admire your courage. I don’t think I can ever go skiing!

Gardening in the Spring

Cathy: The flowers in your garden are beautiful, Samantha!

Samantha: Yeah! It’s spring. Flowers really bloom in spring.

Cathy: That’s why I love spring.

Samantha: I spend most of my time gardening in this season .

Cathy: That’s my favorite pastime too.

Samantha: Sometimes I visit the park and spend hours reading a novel. It feels so serene.

Cathy: I’ve watched people reading in the park. It must be amazing to sit beside the flowers, with bees and butterflies around you.

Samantha: Yeah. Spring makes me feel life’s beautiful.

Why Is This Your Favorite Season?

Samy : Autumn is my favorite season.

Jean : Autumn? Why? I don’t like autumn because I have to rake my yard so often!

Samy : I like autumn because of pumpkins and Halloween.

Jean : What do you like the most in autumns?

Samy : Well, I like the forest in the autumn. I go out for long walks in the jungles the with my camera. The scenery is breathtaking.

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