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In this lesson we will listen to some people renting a car.

Renting a Car

Mike: Hello there. I need to rent a car.

Hans: Hi! What size are you thinking?

Mike: Well, err…this is my first rental. What sizes do you have?

Hans: We have compact, medium, and full size, the compact being the cheapest.

Mike: I’m traveling with my wife and little daughter, so a compact will be fine. What are your daily rates?

Hans: For the compact, it’s $29,90 per day, but if you’re renting it for more than seven days, you get a price break.

Mike: Not bad! I’m going to rent it for 10 days.

Hans: In that case, you’ll be paying $19,90 per day.

Mike: Wow! That’s a great discount! I’ll take the compact, then.

Hans: Good choice. May I see your driver’s license and a credit card, please?

Details When Renting a Car

Hans: Ok, Mr. Patterson, let’s see…will your wife also drive the car?

Mike: Yes. Since we’re going to Boston for my brother’s wedding, we’ll take turns driving. By the way, can I return the car there, or are there extra charges?

Hans: There are no extra charges for that. Where will you return the car in Boston?

Mike: At the Boston airport.

Hans: Very good, Mr. Patterson. You’re all set. Have a safe trip.

Mike: Oh! What about the mileage?

Hans: There is no extra charge for miles, but you must return the car with a full tank of gas, or else they’ll charge you for that.

Mike: Fair enough. Thanks for your help.

Renting by Phone

Suzie: Hello, is it Time Travels?

Beth: Yes. This is Beth, how can I help you?

Suzie: I would like to rent a car to take me to the Hotel Shangri-La from Las Vegas airport.

Beth: Sure. May I know your name and your schedule please?

Suzie: It’s Suzie Thatcher. I’ll need it at 12 noon today, and I prefer a white limousine.

Beth: That’s not a problem, Ms. Thatcher. The driver will be holding a sign with your name on it.

Suzie: Very good. How much is the rental?

Beth: Our rates are $45,00 an hour.

Suzie: Okay, that’s fine.

Beth: In case of delays, or any problem, please call us at this number, Ms. Thatcher.

Suzie: All right. Thanks for your help.

Renting a Car at the Airport

Suzie: Hello. I’d like to rent a limo to take me to the Hotel Shangri-La.

Carson: We have the Luxury Sedan, for 1-4 passengers, and the Stretch Limousine, which fits 1-8 passengers.

Suzie: Ok. I’ll go with the Luxury Sedan. What are your rates?

Carson: Well, they’re based on a three-hour rental. The luxury Sedan goes for $55,00 per hour, plus gratuity.

Suzie: I just need it to drop me off at the Shangri-La, at Echelon Place.

Carson: That won’t be a problem.

Suzie: Will it take long?

Carson: It will just take a moment for the driver to bring the car around. You can have a seat, if you like.

Suzie: Thank you.

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