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It’s time to talk about examinations. Let’s learn some phrases and words.

Talking About an Exam with Friends

Lucia: Hi there. How was your paper today?

Freda: Not so bad Lucia. How was yours?

Lucia: I couldn’t answer all the questions. Did you attempt all?

Freda: No. I left a five mark question on African history.

Lucia: Geez...I didn’t do three!

Freda: It’ll be alright. You don’t write as many wrong answers as me!

Lucia: Well most of the ones I did were correct, but 15 marks count!

Freda: There’s no point in worrying now. C’mon, let’s study for the next exam.

Talking to a Neighbor

John: Was your exam alright Freda?

Freda: Yes John. It was fine. How are your preparations going on?

John: Not too good! I’m expecting a tough paper this time.

Freda: Well, you can crack it if you work hard.

John: I’m a bit nervous!

Freda: C’mon John! Don’t over stress yourself. You still have a month!

John: Can I borrow your paper? Last year many questions were similar to yours.

Freda: Oh sure!

Talking About the Coming Exams

Cohen: Hey John, did you hear the news?

John: News? No.

Cohen: They’ll change the exam pattern for the social work paper!

John: What’ll they change?

Cohen: I just confirmed it from Mr. Smith. It’ll be an open book exam!

John: So, we can carry books to the exam?

Cohen: Not only books, we can even use the Internet!

John: Will it should be a piece of cake then!

Cohen: Definitely! It’s going to be really easy.

I Did Well in my Exam!

Lucia: Hello there! How was your exam?

Cohen: Oh Gloria! I think I did very well!

Lucia: Wow! So, you’ve really smashed up the final semester!

Cohen: I am expecting a great result this time!

Lucia: Great! Are you planning for masters?

Cohen: Sure I am! In fact I’ve already sent applications to a couple of colleges.

Lucia: You’re always steps ahead Cohen! Sure you’ll do something awesome someday!

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