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In this lesson you will learn how to refuse to do something.

Refusing to Do Something Asked by a Friend

Candice: Vera, will you return Mrs. Helena’s recorder?

Vera: Is that the recorder which wasn’t working?

Candice: Yup.

Vera: I think it’ll be better if you return it yourself.

Candice: But her house is on your way to university right?

Vera: Yes, but she might accuse me of breaking it.

Candice: You can tell her that it wasn’t working beforehand.

Vera: She won’t believe me. Last time, I borrowed a camera from her and I really broke it.

Candice: Hush... Alright! I’ll return the recorder then.

Refusing to Do Something Which Is Advised

Samuel: Becky is brilliant, but I’m not sure if she can take the strain of the hike.

Rouf: Samuel, I think Max is a better hiking partner. I think you should take him along instead of Becky.

Samuel: But Max is a boring guy. He just keeps on talking about his girlfriend.

Rouf: At least he won’t be a burden to you during the hike.

Samuel: No Samuel. I am taking this hike for fun. Max will bore the death out of me. I am not going to take him.

Rouf: Hmm... So you find Becky entertaining.

Samuel: Oh yes! I really like Becky. I won’t mind carrying her if I have to!

Refusing to Go to a Party

Vera: Candice? You’re still not ready?

Candice: No, Vera. I’ll pass on this one. I’m not feeling well today. I got a serious headache this morning.

Vera: C’mon, Candice! Don’t make up a white lie. You’re coming.

Candice: Did I ever refuse to go to a party, Vera?

Vera: Then what’s the reason today?!

Candice: I’m not feeling well. I can’t drive and I don’t wanna trouble you!

Vera: You sure? I’m asking you for the last time.

Candice: C’mon! Now don’t give me that look, sweetie! I’m not going anyways.

Refusing to Walk the Dog

Samuel: Rouf, what are you doing?

Rouf: Nothing, just listening to my mp3.

Samuel: Will you please walk Tiger for some time today?

Rouf: Samuel, you know I don’t like pets.

Samuel: I have to prepare a presentation now. I’m asking you just for today.

Rouf: I told you earlier that Tiger and I don’t get along!

Samuel: But Tiger is an angel.

Rouf: Well Samuel, your angel bit me last year so I won’t be taking him anywhere. And that’s final.

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