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In this lesson you will learn how to use English when you wish to express your agreement in doing something.

Agreeing to Do Something

Clara: Hi Gloria. I’ll be out of town for a day or two.

Gloria: Oh! Where are you going?

Clara: Kentucky. I need a little help, Gloria.

Gloria: What kind of help?

Clara: Will you take care of my dog Kinky?

Gloria: Sure, I can look after Kinky for you.

Clara: Thank you, Gloria! It’s an official tour, otherwise I would take him with me.

Agreeing to Do Something Later

Gloria: Hey, Georgie. I have something to ask you.

George: What is it Gloria?

Gloria: I made the report on population statistics. Will you go through my report and double check it?

George: Why don’t you give it to Carlin? I gave my words to Butler that I’ll follow up his report.

Gloria: I don’t trust Carlin. You know, he’s a bit careless!

George: Alright then. But I can only check that tomorrow.

Gloria: I’m in no hurry, George. I need to submit it after three days.

George: Well then. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Gloria: Thank you, Georgie!

Agreeing to Do Something for Payment

George: Ammm...Josh? Will you load some boxes in your truck down to Capitol Street for me?

Josh: Man, I have very little gas in my truck.

George: Don’t worry. I’ll get you 50 bucks from my manager.

Josh: I haven't had a pizza for a long time.

George: Oh Josh! Why do you keep killing me like that? Get your pizza from those 50 bucks!

Josh: C’mon, Georgie! Don’t be so stingy!

George: My goodness! Alright, alright! Load up those boxes now!

Josh: Yeah! I know my Georgie is a good man.

Agreeing to Return a Favor

Clara: Hey Josh, could you bring me some saplings from the nursery?

Josh: Ah Clara! I don’t think I have time today.

Clara: You are always saying that. Don’t forget I walked your dog last week!

Josh: Hmmm...But I cannot be bringing you new saplings every other day.

Clara: It’s spring, Josh! And this is only the second time I’m asking you.

Josh: Okay, but don’t refuse to walk my dog when I’m not here then.

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