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In this lesson you will learn how to transact in the pharmacy.

Buying Medicine from a Pharmacist

June: Hello there. Do you have something for stomach pain?

Hector: Hmmm...When did your pain start?

June: Oh, It’s not me. It’s my granny. It just started after she had lunch.

Hector: Is it in the lower abdomen? Any idea?

June: No. Sorry, I don’t know exactly.

Hector: You should’ve asked her. Is the pain severe?

June: Can you just give me some medicine for now? The pain is not so severe.

Hector: That’s fine. Let me pack some. But if the pain does not stop, call the doctor.

Buying Medicine for Headache and Dizziness

June: Hello, Hector. Do you have something for headache?

Hector: Hi June, is it your granny again?

June: No. It’s me this time.

Hector: Oh! Since when?

June: It started last night.

Hector: Hmm... I can only give you an over-the-counter pain killer.

June: Yes, please, that’s all I need.

Hector: Sure! Do see a doctor if the pain persists.

Checking the Medicine

Sandra: Excuse me? Do you have these?

Paul: Ummm...Yeah! I have the first three of them.

Sandra: Please give me a complete dosage for a month.

Paul: Here it is. The price would be...

Sandra: Wait! I think this one is expired.

Paul: It can’t be! Let me check.

Sandra : Sure. I think it expired last month.

Paul: No, it didn’t, the year printed is 2015.

Sandra: Oh! I thought it was 2013.

Asking for Generics

Sandra: This medicine is too expensive. I don’t think I can afford it.

Paul: This is what your doctor prescribed, but I can give you a generic one if you want. It’s the same formulation, but different brand.

Sandra: Yes, I think that’s a good idea. Should I check with my doctor?

Paul: It’s the same formula and it’s FDA approved medicine, but you can check, sure.

Sandra: Alright! Give me 2 days worth of the dose. I will check with him and then buy the rest.

Paul: That’s a good idea.

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