Dog Owners and Their Dogs - Fun English Lesson

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In this lesson you will learn how dog owners talk about their dogs.

Let’s Go to the Dog Park!

Gina: Hi there, Jannet. Let’s take our dogs to the dog park today.

Janet: Alright! That’ll be fun! Laika would love that!

Gina: My Bunny is sometimes afraid of the big dogs over there.

Janet: Yeah, some dogs are really aggressive. You can never be sure about them.

Gina: Last time I took him to the park, he was bitten by a pit bull.

Janet: Gosh...You should always stay close to your dog in the park.

Gina: I was but I also had to keep an eye on Joe!

Janet: Yeah! Always remember that the dog park’s not a child’s playground!

Dog Care.

Janet: Gina, do you buy dog food?

Gina: Nope. My labrador is already used to eating beef.

Janet: Really?! Wow! My yellow lab eats waste! Can you believe it?

Gina: Oh! That’s a common problem, try some meat tenderizer on your dog’s food. It gives a metallic taste to dog waste. It’ll help.

Janet: That’s an idea! I’ll buy it today at the grocery store.

Gina: I have one problem with my Bo. He won’t stop barking when he hears even the slightest sound.

Janet: Okay, let me give you some advice. Keep a leash on him. If he barks, pull the leash and firmly order him to be quiet.

Gina: Alright! I doubt it will work, but I’ll try.

Police Dogs.

John: Hmmm...your K-9 is looking so moody today!

Max: Rocky’s been behaving this way since we were put on the detection squad. I don’t know what’s the matter with him.

John: Why don’t you get a Beagle like I have? Shepherds are better used as attack dogs.

Max: He has become more like a close friend to me. He probably won’t like a new master.

John: Do you ever get the airport duty?

Max: Not usually. I’m sure if Rocky gets an airport shift, he’ll muddle up everything!

John: Yeah, it seems passengers don’t mind a Beagle as much. In fact some of them enjoy it when Ted sniffs their stuff.

Max: That’s great. My Rocky is so aggressive!

Famous Dogs.

John: Have you heard of Hachiko?

Max: The Akita? Yeah sure, he’s the dream-dog of every dog owner! He waited 9 years for his master!

John: I doubt anybody can be loyal to somebody to such an extent.There are less than 100 pure Japanese Akitas now.

Max: What about Chips, the Second World War hero?

John: Nope, I was thinking of the space dog Laika actually. What about Chips?

Max: He was a German Shepherd K-9 during the war. He attacked an enemy machine gun nest on his own, and made them surrender, but sacrificed his own life.

John: Some dogs prove themselves to be better than we are! Anyway, how’s your special dog, Rocky?

Max: He’s a real friend! He even takes care of my keys and my wallet!

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