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In this lesson you will learn some phrases you may use while making promises.

A Promise to a Loved One.

Anna: You smell terrible, Norman. Are you drunk?

Norman: Err...I’m not drunk, Anna.

Anna: Then where is the smell coming from?

Norman: I gulped down some beers at the party, that’s all! But I’m completely in control.

Anna: Norman, you didn’t use to drink. Why are you doing this to me now?

Norman: I’m sorry, honey! I didn't do it intentionally.

Anna: Promise me that you’ll never drink again.

Norman: I promise Anna. I won’t drink anymore.

Promising an Elder.

Eric: Anna, did you drive all the way home alone at night?

Anna: Yes, I had no choice!

Eric: You could’ve come in the morning! Why the rush?

Anna: Norman is not at home and I heard about your breakup.

Eric: But that doesn’t mean you should drive three hours in the middle of the night all alone! Don’t you watch the news?

Anna: I’m sorry.

Eric: Anna, promise me now that you won’t do such a reckless thing again.

Anna: Alright. I promise, I won’t drive alone at night anymore.

Promising Something to a Friend.

Suzie: Anna, did you bring the puppy from your mom’s house?

Anna: Oh dear! I’m so sorry, I forgot!

Suzie: Oh, c’mon Anna! I reminded you just a few moments before you left!

Anna: Sorry Suzie, I promise I’ll bring it next time, Ok?

Suzie: Alright! But I don’t think they’ll be puppies anymore by then!

Anna: I’ll go next month. Don’t worry dear!

Suzie: Okay, but don’t forget your promise.

A Casual Promise.

Norman: Hello Eric, how do you feel, how’s your health?

Eric: I’m alright now. How are you?

Norman: I’m fine. Promise me you’ll be careful in the future.

Eric: Yeah, I promise. Don’t worry!

Norman: Anna is also worried about you.

Eric: I know. She called me.

Norman: Well, don’t drink so much again.

Eric: Sure! I already promised I won’t.

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