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In this lesson you will learn how to talk in English while breaking promises.

I Had to Help Him!

Kurt: Sandra, I had to break a promise I made to you.

Sandra: What are you talking about?

Kurt: I had to give Duke the money I saved for our trip.

Sandra: But why did he need it this time?

Kurt: His dad had a stroke today, and he had no money for the hospital.

Sandra: I see. Why are you so upset? Maybe we both should visit him.

Kurt: Listen Sandra, I’m sorry I broke my promise again. It’s the second time I couldn’t keep my word.

Sandra: C’mon, that’s Ok! In fact, I’m proud that you helped somebody in need!

Breaking a Small Promise.

Kim: Why aren’t you eating the cake, Sandra?

Sandra: Err...Can I please skip that?

Kim: It’s my birthday cake! What’s the matter?

Sandra: I promised Kurt that I wouldn’t eat sweets.

Kim: Oh! C’mon, this small piece of cake won’t raise your cholesterol!

Sandra: But I promised him!

Kim: Okay! You can blame me! I’ll handle him.

Sandra: Alright! I’m breaking my promise, but I won’t eat any sweets other than the cake.

A Childhood Promise.

Kim: Your nails look so pretty in this pink!

Sandra: Your nails would look great, too. Why don’t you color them?

Kim: When I was a child, my grandma made me promise not to color my nails.

Sandra: Oh my God! You’re still keeping that promise! I don’t even remember it.

Kim: Yeah! Maybe I’m too stubborn, but I remember her everytime I see nail polish.

Sandra: I made the same promise, don’t you remember? You shouldn’t hold on to such things! I’m sure that if your granny were still alive she’d paint your nails herself!

Kim: Alright! I think it’s time to break that promise.

She Broke Her Promise!

Kurt: Willy, you promised you wouldn’t get angry if I told you the truth.

Willy: Shut up man! You’re flirting with my girlfriend.

Kurt: No Willy. I am not. She’s the one who called me and asked me out. I refused to go out with her, but I needed to tell you this.

Willy: How could she do that! She promised me she’d be mine forever.

Kurt: You can’t trust that girl, Willy. I think you need to break up with her.

Willy: You are right, buddy. She’s not the right girl for me.

Kurt: She will never find a guy like you, Willy.

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