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In this lesson you will learn how to speak in English while talking about art.

Some Paintings Last Forever.

Jon : Hey, look at this painting! It's beautiful.

Jane : Wow Jon! It's incredible. Who painted it?

Jon : Well, it's a Picasso. It's hundreds of years old.

Jane : Who was Picasso?

Jon : He was a great Italian artist. One of the world's greatest.

Jane : His painting still looks amazing! How has it lasted so long?

Jon : They’ve preserved it using special techniques.

Isn’t He great?

Jane: Are there any great painters today?

Jon: Sure, of course there is. One modern painter is David Hockney.

Jane: Oh yeah! Isn’t he famous for the swimming pool paintings?

Jon: That’s right, Jane. His most famous painting is “A Bigger Splash”.

Jane: I guess that also has a swimming pool theme, right?

Jon: Yes, it shows a swimming pool with a big splash beside a building.

Jane: Yeah! I’ve seen that painting. I think there was also a chair beside the pool right?

Jon: I think so. You have a good memory.

My Favorite Sculpture.

Meryl: Hey Duke! What did you like the most in Florence?

Duke: There are many statues there, but I liked the Statue of David the most.

Meryl: Are you talking about the marble statue by Michelangelo?

Duke: That’s right.

Meryl: We have a replica of it here in New York.

Duke: I was overwhelmed by that lively piece of art!

Meryl: That’s the best of Michelangelo’s creations.

Duke: If you look closely at it, you start to get a feeling that it’s even better than any real life human figure.

Meryl: That’s the magic of art!

Rock Sculptures.

Meryl: We visited Petra in Jordan.

Duke: That’s one of the wonders of the world!

Meryl: It’s really unbelievable how something so beautiful can be created out of mere rocks.

Duke: It’s a city built on rocks right?

Meryl: Yes, in fact, Petra means rock. There’s some amazing rock architecture there.

Duke: I’ve seen some pictures of it. It’s hard to imagine without actually seeing it.

Meryl: No doubt! No one can imagine the incredible beauty hidden inside those rocky hills, without having actually seen it.

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