I've Decided to Leave My Job - Business English Lesson

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In this lesson you will learn how to talk about leaving your job.

I’m leaving!

Mike: Hey Ryan! How are you doing today, buddy?

Ryan: I’m alright, Mike. How’s life?

Mike: It’s rolling. How’s your job going?

Ryan: It’s all right, but I think I’ll have to leave it.

Mike: Hmm...I ran into your brother a few days ago. Are you joining him?

Ryan: Yeah! He has been asking me for months.

Mike: It’ll be better for you, I think.

Ryan: That’s why I’ve decided to leave my job!

I Quit.

James: Ryan, aren’t you late for work today?

Ryan: I’m not going to the office.

James: Why?

Ryan: I’ve decided to quit my job.

James: Okay, wait. You won’t go to the office anymore?!

Ryan: I’ll go to the office tomorrow and tell my boss that I am quitting.

James: So, you will help me by working in my office for a while?

Ryan: Yeah, until I find a new job.

Giving Your Notice.

Ryan: Hello Mr. Duke.

Duke: Hello there, Ryan. Why didn’t you come to work yesterday?

Ryan: I have decided to quit this job. I came today to hand in my notice, Sir.

Duke: You’re leaving? Do you have a good reason?

Ryan: My brother’s started a new business and he asked me to work with him.

Duke: I see. That will be a good partnership for you. However, you can always come back here if you want to.

Ryan: Thank you Sir, I’ll remember that.

Talking to a Colleague About It.

Ryan: Today is my last day in the office.

Selena: What happened? Are you leaving the job?

Ryan: Yeah, I have already talked to Duke about this.

Selena: What did he say to you?

Ryan: Nothing!

Selena: You made this decision so quickly! Why are you leaving?

Ryan: I will work with my brother.

Selena: So, you’re almost like a boss now! Don’t forget us when you’re at the top.

Ryan: Ha ha! Sure, I won’t.

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