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In this lesson you will learn how to say you got a new job, through some English conversations.

Talking to Your Family.

Jim: Where did you go in the morning, Kelly? Where have you been?

Kelly: I went for a job interview.

Jim: How was it?

Kelly: I got the job!

Jim: That’s great! What kind of job is it?

Kelly: I’ll be teaching at the high school.

Jim: Teaching is a good job. Do you think you will like it?

Kelly: I’m sure I will like it! That’s why I applied to be a teacher. Now I’ll be one!

Talking to a Friend.

Ted: Hi there, Kelly.

Kelly: Hello Ted.

Ted: You haven’t been around. Where have you been, busy bee?

Kelly: I got a new job at Conery High School.

Ted: That’s great! Since when?

Kelly: I started last week.

Ted: Congratulations Kelly! So, are you working as a teacher?

Kelly: Yes, I teach science there now.

Talking to Your Boss.

Ted: Hello Jim, I have something to tell you!

Jim: Ted, what’s the matter?

Ted: I got a new job.

Jim: Okay. So, you are leaving us.

Ted: It’s just that it’s closer to my house.

Jim: Are they paying you more than we do?

Ted: A bit more, yes.

Jim: Where will you be working?

Ted: I’ll be at Vbox downtown branch.

Jim: Yeah, Vbox has been recruiting a lot of our staff.

Ted: Yes, even the recruiter told me so.

Talking to a Former Colleague.

Ted: Hi Wilson!

Wilson: Ted! Haven’t see you in weeks. Did you quit your job?

Ted: Yeah, sorry Wilson, I couldn’t tell you earlier.

Wilson: No problem. What are you doing these days?

Ted: I got a new job!

Wilson: Great! Where are you working now?

Ted: I’m now working at Vbox.

Wilson: You are so lucky, Ted! I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Vbox team.

Ted: Don’t worry, Wilson. I’ll let you know when they start hiring again.

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