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In this lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘it’s a steal’ when you talk in English.


Rebecca: “It’s a steal” means you are buying something at a very good price or at a price that’s surprisingly low.

Max: I also hear people saying “shopping for a steal”, does it mean the same?

Rebecca: Yes, it means the price is very cheap! It also means a good bargain.

Max: That’s the reason shops advertise “these prices are a steal”, right?

Rebecca: Exactly! That means you can buy at such cheap prices that you’ll feel as if you're almost stealing it! By the way, you look great in these jeans!

Max: They’re Armani at 50% discount! Just $70!

Rebecca: Wow! Such a great deal; that’s really a steal! I’ll go shopping today.

Max: Alright! But let’s listen to some conversations before you go shopping.

Got a New Car.

Greg: Hi there, Hillary!

Hillary: Hello Greg. Another new car?!

Greg: Oh! It’s not new. It’s a year old!

Hillary: It still looks new! How much did you pay for it?

Greg: I paid $3,000.

Hillary: You got this great car for 3,000 bucks! That’s a steal!

Greg: Yeah, I got it on sale, at a stealing price. That’s why I bought it!

Puma at $20!

Greg: Hey Maxi, let’s go and grab some T-shirts from the Supersale.

Max: Ah! Are the prices any good?

Greg: I’m sure there are some good bargains there. They have Puma ‘buy one and get another for free’ for just $20!

Max: Hmmm...that’s a steal! Maybe we should hurry up.

Greg: Yeah! At that price, they’re sure to run out of stock.

Max: Let’s go, Greg!

Buy It Today.

Hillary: Rebecca, when will you buy the new LED TV?

Rebecca: Guess I’ll buy it the day after Christmas. The prices will be a steal!

Hillary: You don’t have to wait for that! I got a brand new Sony LED last week for $700!

Rebecca: No way! That’s a real steal! Tell me about it!

Hillary: There’s a website which lets you bid on the products they sell.

Rebecca: Let’s check it out.

Hillary: I’ll show you the site.

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