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In this lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘back to square one’ in your conversations.


James: Let’s learn about the idiom ‘back to square one’ today!

Meryl: I know a little about it. Doesn’t it mean we have to start from the beginning?

James: Yes, the idiom ‘back to square one’ means to make a fresh start again.

Meryl: It means doing something from the initial point after an attempt has failed.

James: Mom is back to square one trying to make sushi in the kitchen.

Meryl: Hmm...I told her to follow the cooking guide but she didn’t listen to me.

James: I was just giving an example!

Meryl: Oh! I’m hungry now. We walked a lot today. We went back to square one on our hiking trip, since we took a wrong turn.

James: Is this just another example?

Meryl: It did happen! That’s why I was so late today!

James: “Back to square one” means you have to start again from the beginning! You should have been more careful!

Meryl: Alright, let’s listen to some conversations until mom finishes making the sushi!

A New Presentation Topic.

Amelie: Hello Ben, you're home so early today.

Ben: Yeah! I have lots of homework to do.

Amelie: What happened?

Ben: The presentation topic was completely changed!

Amelie: So you are back to square one?

Ben: I am, Amelie. I am!

The Thermocol Got Burnt.

Ben: Were you awake all night, Amelie?

Amelie: Tomorrow is the last day to submit my model.

Ben: But you’ve completed it, right?

Amelie: The thermocol got burnt and I had to go back to square one with a new piece.

Ben: I told you! Smoking is harmful.

Third Time Is The Charm!

Ben: Did you hear about Mrs. Sandra?

Amelie: Yes, I met her yesterday at the City Hall. She’s getting married again!

Ben: This is her third marriage, right?

Amelie: Yeah, looks like she’s back to square one in her personal life.

Ben: I hope it works out this time. I also talked to Gordon today.

Amelie: How’s he doing?

Ben: He’s back to square one in his business. Made a loss again.

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